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    The Spell System

    We are working on developing a rather new and in-depth magic system for Worlds of Magic. I've decided to explain spells in this post so we can get feedback from the fans about the system. (There will have to be another post about magical items and artifacts.)

    At character creation you'll be allowed to spend “points” on learning schools of magic. (Those of you who remember MoM will, no doubt, remember the spell books. This is much the same idea.)

    All spells are sorted into different “circles” and the circles themselves are divided into two groups. One group sorts spells according to element (or color, or whatever) the other group sorts spells according to effect.

    Elemantal Circles:

    Effect Circles:

    Each of the circles is divided into nine tiers. The more points you spend in a circle the more powerful the spells you can cast from that circle.

    So far I hope you're all with me, because here it may get a little confusing.

    The circles “stack”. That is to say that if you have skill in fire and destruction the skill levels are added together for casting fire based destruction spells.

    Fireball is a tier three fire and destruction spell. If you have one rank in fire and two in destruction you can research it. If you one one in destruction and two in fire you can research it. If you have three in fire or destruction you can research it.

    This will allow a player to carefully select circles to open up just the spells they want.

    Also, some spells are natively cross-circle. For instance all lightning based spells are fire and wind. So you have to have one fire and one wind to unlock one lightning.

    Certain spells also unlock combo-spells that combine the separate spells effects. For instance, if you unlock the earth spell Grease and the fire spell Produce Flame you can unlock Flaming Grease which combines the slippery effect of Grease with a Fire DOT.

    Now, I understand this may be a little confusing at first, but when you see it in play it's going to be awesome. What we want from you guys is ideas. What else can we combine? What combo-spells would you like to see happen? Feel free to share your opinion about our magic system and help us make it better.
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