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Thread: The Spell System

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    Just a passing thought, I'm curious as to why you didn't just use the D20 schools of magic for the Effect Circles.

    Spells that protect, block, or banish.

    Spells that bring creatures or materials to the caster.

    Spells that reveal information.

    Spells that imbue the recipient with some property or grant the caster power over another being.

    Spells that manipulate energy or create something from nothing.

    Spells that alter perception or create false images.

    Spells that manipulate, create, or destroy life or life force.

    Spells that transform the recipient physically or change its properties in a more subtle way.

    This would save you from having to manually map the D20 spells to your own spheres but perhaps they are too unbalanced or something. Anyway not a big deal just curious.

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    The way spells are actually going to "mix" is still up in the air a bit. Once we focus our attention on it I think we'll come up with some very interesting combos.

    The spell list is composed of spells from both the arcane and divine lists. So, we had to encompass both the idea of arcane spell schools and the idea of divine spell domains. We feel the effects circles are a good in-between.

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    I'm not sure I understand what you mean. I understand you would want to get rid of the class specific spell lists/domains as it's far too complex for a TBS. All spells in D20, no matter what list(s) they appear on are categorized into the 8 schools of magic (plus universal which everyone gets and isn't a school). For example "Cure light wounds" one of the most well known divine spells is classified as Conjuration (Healing). In D20 a Conjurer (specialist wizard) can't cast it even though it's in his specialist school because there is no arcane version of it (not on the wiz/sorc spell list) but it still has a school assigned to it. Using your ranks though you could remove that restriction and just say if you have enough ranks in Conjuration you can research any conjuration spell and the system is simplified no matter if the spells was divine, arcane, or both. Units (wizards, shaman, priests, etc.) likely only have a few preset spells as I can't imagine individual units would have extensive/customizable spell lists. Anyway I'm sure your system will be great I was just curious as to what prompted you to create something new when something similar already exists.

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    Alright, you are technically correct (the best kind of correct, lol). I admit I never think of the clerical spells in terms of their "school" which was why I misspoke (mistyped?). However, we also wanted to meld all the schools into just six circles (to match the number of elemental circles) and power up certain schools as some of them (like illusion) wouldn't be powerful enough by themselves for WoM.

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    I love the circles and stacking system and possibilities it lends. Spending all your points in Summoning would give you access to incredible units but you would be powerless on the world map to destroy units from afar.

    Likewise, spending all your points on Destruction would let you rain death down on enemy units but your armies would lack the awesome fantasy units of a summoner. It's definitely a deviation from MoM I can see as a big improvement if it's done right.

    Spending all your points in Fire might leave you weak against water or life with heavy healing, but with crushing offense.

    One issue I have with Fallen Enchantress, Warlock and the other fantasy TBS that have come out is the high level spells aren't earth-shattering enough (literally in some cases). The end-game of MoM could feel like a clash of the titans. Zombies were everywhere from one wizards Zombie Mastery spell, while volcanos are springing up right and left from another's Armageddon spell, while yet another's regenerating mobs of nature units steamrolled city defenses.

    As you progress with the spell selection don't shy away from creating some really, really devastating end game spells and world enchantments for each circle (just make them appropriately expensive).

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    I'm glad you like the direction we're heading. We've put some thought into it.

    We plan to have some "earth shakers" at the highest tiers. If anyone has an "Armageddon" spell they'd like to throw in the hat we're listening.

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    Global and city enchantments are a big part of this.

    Zombie Mastery was fantastic in MoM.
    Some sort of global enchantment version of terraforming where every turn a few random squares under your control are made more hospitable.
    Armageddon from MoM - raises a couple randomly placed (in enemy territory), mana generating (for you) volcanos
    Gaia's Wrath / Call the void - Every turn a random enemy city is targeted with an earthquake / fire storm and could lose population or improvements.

    Single-shot spells:
    Banishment - Force all summoned units from all wizards (including yourself?) to another random plane (they're alive, just misplaced).
    Maybe a world map level hypnosis / siren song to steal someone's prize creature / unit from afar? A great counter balance for someone that has put all their resources into a demi-god style hero / unit.

    Then the 9th tier summons like Drakes, Elemental Lords, Arch Angels, behemoths.

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    WoM is certainly going to boast comparable spells.

    I like the idea of the siren. We could make "Siren's Song" a high tier (maybe even 9) Mentalizm spell that can force a hero (who fails their saving throw) to come directly to your tower.
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    Alright, before you all rip me apart, this is just representative of some potential ways to combine like Aaron asked for. I also didn't want to spend 10 hours doing this without some feedback, because otherwise I would have.

    Life + Earth
    Finest hour = ENC: creature immune to fear, direct death spells
    Spawn = unit is duplicated for battle (regular units only)
    Heart of Earth = Regenerate Forest

    Life + Fire
    Righteous Aura = ENC
    Flaming Sword = ENC

    Life + Water
    Crystal Armor = unit reflects damage up to x points
    Stream of Life

    Life + Wind
    Flurry (also + Protection) = all units fly this battle
    Frenzy = GLOBAL: units gain +1 movement

    Death + Earth
    Burial Grounds = friendly units that die in combat instantly resurrect as undead at lvl/2
    Grim Feast = CITY: city consumes mana not food

    Death + Fire
    Coldfire = ENC: as per flaming aura + fear
    Kill = unit at 50% life or less dies

    Death + Water
    Drown = unit at 50% life or less dies
    Ghost Ships = water bridge type

    Death + Wind
    Darkened Skies = all flight lost on battlefield for 1 round

    Earth + Fire
    Magma Wall = CITY: target friendly city gets fire wall
    Rain of Rubies = Target resource gets upgraded +1

    Earth + Water
    Waterwalking = ENC
    Waterform = ENC: waterwalking + immunity to water spells

    Fire + Wind
    Maneuver = ENC: creature with fly gets +2 movement
    Efreet = Summon Efreet

    Water + Wind
    Tidal Wave = CITY: city hit with tidal wave
    Reckless Hurricane = CITY: target friendly city gets wind wall

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    I really like some of those ideas. In fact, I'll list them

    Spawn = unit is duplicated for battle (regular units only) - I see this as “earth” copies of the unit in question. Could be very cool.

    Burial Grounds = friendly units that die in combat instantly resurrect as undead at lvl/2 – The level would be negotiable. I like it though

    Coldfire = ENC: as per flaming aura + fear – I might name it something else...

    Ghost Ships = water bridge type - I might make this a summoning spell that actually raises up a ghost ship.

    Darkened Skies = all flight lost on battlefield for 1 round – Fall damage anyone?

    Rain of Rubies = Target resource gets upgraded +1 – Interesting way to explore the lore of ore creation. (Explore the lore of ore, lol. You liked that didn't you.)

    Efreet = Summon Efreet – I like the idea of wind and fire working together in a summon. I'm not sure I would go with an effreet though.

    The key is that the two schools need to logically combine to make some specialized effect. Also, I would like to put future posts on this subject here:

    Cross Circle Spells

    Either way, I like the ideas. Some you mentioned, like stream of life, are probably going to make it in, but they may be single circle spells. Keep the ideas coming.

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