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Thread: Unit Theory

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    in mom,1 turn=1 month.
    I liked that and would prefer to have the same mechanic in for WoM.

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    What does it matter how much "time" a game turn is?
    A turn is a turn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodai View Post
    Really? How long is basic training in your countries military? It doesn't take months here. And come see the Amish build a building, it doesn't take them months either. They aren't building skyscrapers. A stables, a barracks, a sawmill, etc. could easily be built in weeks.

    At the end of the day though this game isn't exactly the most realistic anyway. Feel free to disagree with the week thing, I was just saying that's what I kind of felt it was not that I KNOW IT IS. Also I'd like to seasons come in at some point so it is my opinion that weeks work better for that. I'm not sure citing realism advances an argument very well in this game though.
    with seasons a week would be a good length.

    in the U.S. basic training is 2-3 months, job schools increase training time anywhere from 1-18 months, but they are expected to actively do stuff unlike countries like luxembourg. where are you from that it only takes a few weeks? skyscrapers take years to build, normal modern age buildings take months, preindustrial take weeks, stone age buildings take days. could you imagine a simple dock taking more than a week to build? or a cathedral less than a year?

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    I don't understand all the debate... What does it really matter home much "time" a game turn is?

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    In regards to limiting racial units from races not of your starting race, perhaps apply a tax system in regards to units and building. Alternate race cities are more expensive to develop and so develop slower - shifting the curve of these units appearing much later in the game.

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    Wouldn't turn turn length be another topic from unit theory? So lets jump from one flame war to other one (taking asbestos suit, no dragon-scale one better for health). What is max technology level of game? haven read all but was there mention of steam-punk gnomes or other race?

    maybe add for mid-high level unit guns (maybe better mid level, since first guns wern't all that powerful, safe and reliable, first versions anyway, but not cheap for every battalion at start, but first units were shoot pray to hit reload shoot 2th time, join meele no time to reload) to humans and/or dwarfs? There will be canons right? Arcanum of steampunk and magicka give to player guns and magic (but because of technobabble have problem using both and guns are little to weak, so shoot mage or mage shoot from gun and it can explode in you face, tesla coil dont work or zap owner, and other critical failures, while magic isnt all that effective, less damage, healing and protectiong, having technological item and knowing to make them give spell resistance, didnt like mechanic as well like weak guns), dwarfs use usually crossbows, but disciples (tbs strategy, not sure witch version(s), maybe 2th game for sure) and overlord1&2 dwarfs can also use flamethrowers, and in also use gunpowder in battle of wesnot, her guns are slow (1 chance to hit i battle, but good damage). But spotted to late that there is now decided no gunpowder to dwarfes in WoM, still, it make sense in some one as if they are mostly subterrenian species so great range of guns is un needed and even dangerous if bullet deflects in close space, so flame thrower is better choice in close quarters, but it would probably also go to gnomes.

    So gun are better for humans or gnomes, since races like orcs are to primitive for it in metallurgy beyound sword i guess, and other like elves could have philosophical and/or gifts (like magic) to not need or wont to go high technology path instead of nature and magic.

    hmm in disciples 2 humans weren't something special i think (knight,paladins, angels, healer, archer->assassin upgrade, wizards and so, actually one unit is giant, and there is two upgrade paths of healers, women priestess heal all units lesser amount but max level of pristes also remove negative status effect like poison, while male priest heal one unit greater amount and can resurrect dead one), dwarfs had multi purpose units (upgrades with many different paths, more special units this flame throwers, normal/ice/tempest giants, hmm dwarfs seem to fight with other races who is bigger, yeti who attack all enemy and units that give additional attack or make it stronger), demons go for high damage(hmm witch and succubus that transform enemy in weak imp, doppelganger steal shape, ability and stats for battle from units, and archer is big gargoyle with relatively low hp but good damage reduction), undead are specialist? ("archers" give no damage but paralysis, vampire drain life, better version give excess to troops, units with level drain and of course poison, werewolf immune on weapons, only magic hurt), elves not sure (archer upgradeable to give elemental damage, shoot 2x or poison, griffins, lighting version mage can break armor, lowering damage reduction,healer that also give wards, negate 1 attack of specific element)

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    ok magic equivalent of gunpowder. See darknes series by harry turtledove (alternate history WW2 in fantasy setting). It have dragon (stupid, vicios, agressive, food mixed with sumpor and cinnibar i think or other ore of quicksilver (Hg) i think, tired of superhumanly smart talking dragons with (demi)god level of magic), guns (called sticks, release energy beam, i guess magic laser, leave ozone scent as after lighting strike, bigger versions exist), crystals (enchanted spheres of glass/crystal for video and/or audio comunication, radio), eggs (thin metal shell filled with magical energy, explode on impact or if trigerd with spell, can be burried and enchanted to behave as land mine, dragon carry them for bombardment, egg-tosser->artillery), tanks (behemots with bigger sticks (no joke intended) and heavy metal armor, silvered for example to deflect beams), submarine (leviathans, dont need lay lines as most modern ships, rider plant eggs for example), naantali project (manhatan project, result of deep research in laws of magic)

    give some magical artefact to to normal racer and heroes (like sticks and eggs?), or even make new hi-magic race (no elves, fay or similar, more like above series just humans)?

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    under title magic

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    there is setting with elemental sphere, glass sphere with elemental captured within and bartimaeus trilogy where mages dont seem to deserve name, dont have own magic it seems, but can summon demons/djin/afrits/spirits/whatever terminology to do the work. There is also sphere with demon captured within (but low level one like imp i think) that produce specific effect when broke (all magical item also have spirit captured within). so other idea for bomb. and of course vials filled with acid, Greek fire, holy water, poison inserted by breathing, crystalic exploding/freezing/shocking mcguffin. Hmm i hate one use magic scroll as in D&D or elder scrolls, crystals have more sense to me as storing magical energy like geneforge series, traitor queen book (program crystal to release energy in specific patter i guess like defensive shield, magical blast, emit light and similar, than fill with energy, some are one use some refillable). I mean we have cristaloterapy and similar uses of crystals in stories and epsecialy this nonsense mix-&-max-without-sense new age. From where came one use magical scrols in D&D that is copied like crazy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain_Brian View Post

    Elf Swordsman
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 1
    Speed: 3
    Abilities: None
    Cost: Low

    With the exception of the Zombies, I don't see a whole lot of ways to differentiate these types of units other than stat tweaks... I mean, you gotta have fodder units, right? Or is there a better way?
    Hmm, I would say elves should be more expensive. Or maybe require magic to buy. I think by tweaking the economic model of each race you can make a lot of difference in strategy.

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