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Thread: The Races of Elannra

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    I think it would be cool to have a race that was not humanoid in nature.

    You know like a Centaur race.
    You could define the unit by the type of head.
    I.E. Normal Human spearmean and archers.
    Eagle flyer
    Rhino wall buster
    Add a Drider as Magi.
    Race created by a Mad Alchemist.

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    That could be interesting

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    I am working through the suggested races list one by one. Do we have any more suggestions to consider?

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    Not sure if there's anything like a Dark-humanoid-ish race suggested yet. Like Dark Elves or sth similar. It could even be an amalgation of units from the 'light' races who turned from the righteous path. So you have 'dark' counterparts to several elven, dwarvish, human, etc units.
    An orc is a fire plug of a fighting machine made of muscle, hide, talon, and tusk, with a villainous dispostition and a mean sense of humor. And, of course, an orc is a poor dumb grunt - the much abused foot soldier of the Evil Horde of Darkness.

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    Goblinoids: Another way to give them flavor is to make them forcefully expand all the time (I stole this idea from the Moties race in the novel "The Mote in God's Eye"). You can fuse both races and make the goblinoids cities grow until collapse unless they create settlers or units all the time. They'll be temped to raze cities to place their own and will be warlike for a very good reason. The difference between goblins, orcs, etc could be also fused with the Moties castes. (Or you could use this idea for an insectoid race, the caste system makes even more sense for them).

    Dark Elves: The problem with the is giving them flavor. In d&d they live underground and can't stand the sunlight. Both things are hard to translate into a 4X game. Light isn't even in the circles to give them vulnerabilities.

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    Those are some good "goblin flavor" suggestions. Explosive population leading to constant war. It's good stuff.

    Light spells are going to jammed in Life, dark in death.

    Dark elves are going to need some flavoring up if we don't add some kind of "underground" mechanic. We may add something like that, along with "underwater", but it's going to have to wait for an expansion or DLC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aldaron View Post
    Dark Elves: The problem with the is giving them flavor. In d&d they live underground and can't stand the sunlight. Both things are hard to translate into a 4X game. Light isn't even in the circles to give them vulnerabilities.
    I don't think there is a problem with giving Dark Elves flavor. They use spiders and poison heavily which is something new (Driders!). They live underground but so do dwarves and I'm not sure if I'm making a huge assumption but I kind of figured the "Earth" plane was going to be similar to underground. Light spells are going to be in, they're already going to have a major effect as I understand against Specters and Wraiths from the undead faction so having it effect the Dark Elves isn't much of a reach. Beyond sudden flashes Dark Elves aren't effected too severely by light. They are "Dazzled" in regular sunlight which is just a -1 to hit and skills. Not exactly something that's going to heavily penalize them and considering the bonuses they get they're still coming out ahead.

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    Good points. Especially the Driders, lol. A spider theme could flavor them up quite a bit and it's not new ground. The dark elves in forgotten realms were all about some spiders

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    Humans: All around balanced race. “Flexible” playstyle race – jack of all trades.

    City: Food Production bonus. Trade/Diplomacy bonus with all races.
    Combat/Unit: Pikemen have first strike.

    City: N/A
    Combat/Unit: N/A

    Special Unit:
    Paladin – Can Charge. Has High armor and Holy Bonus (Paladins increase attack of all other units by 1, stacks per Paladin unit, much like in MoM). Magic Immunity.

    Great for “magic focused” play.

    City: Increased mana/research production.
    Combat/Unit: Excellent range and caster units. Higher chance to dodge attacks.

    City: Slower growth of population than humans.
    Combat/Units: Weaker melee/defense starting units than humans.

    Special Units:
    Elven Lord: Rides Pegasus/flying. Magic and Range attacks.
    Longbowmen: Longer range distance without penalty. (Assuming there will be a range penalty).

    Dwarves: Classic dwarf “history”. Growth of population same as humans. Great for melee/defensive oriented game-play.

    Combat Unit: Strong melee/defense/magic defense units.
    City: Production/mining/monetary income increased.

    Drawbacks: Weak range units, throwing axes only for range combat other than siege weapons.

    Special Units:
    Hammerhands – High melee/defense/magic resistance unit. (My favorite units in MoM, have to have them!)
    Runecaster: Defensive magic caster with weak magic range attack. Cannot cast offensive spells. Instead can cast a few defensive spells. (Resist Magic, Resist X Element, Stone Skin, etc...)

    Draconian: Great for early expansion through conquering other cities and exploration. Slowest population growth.

    City: Higher mana production.
    Combat/Units: All units fly/swim and have fire or poison breath attacks. Better Defense than humans for starting units. Strong magic attack for “magician” units (i.e. Doombolt?).

    City: Slow population growth. Cannot build ships/boats. (although I do like the suggestion of "Dragon Turtles" being their ship.)
    Combat/Unit: Do not use armor. Take fall damage. (Really like that idea for tactical combat.)

    Special Unit*:
    Elder Drake – Requires high food/monetary and/or mana upkeep.
    Only 1 Elder Drake per Wizard at a time.
    Poison Breath/Fire Breath attack, ranged AoE and DoT. Immune to mind-controlling effects.
    Cannot be "flanked". Can Attack with tail for units behind.
    *Need a Drake Lair(or whatever building); only buildable in Wizards’ Capital, main draconian race.

    : I was NOT a fan of beastmen in MoM. However, I think they possibly have a place as the 5th/6th race in WoM. Mainly because I envision them not being a lot like the beastmen of MoM, and instead a conglomeration of all “beast” races: Orc, Goblin, Gnolls, Ogres, Centaurs, etc…
    Beastmen would be ideal for "zerg/swarm" type of playstyle. Lots of units.

    Bonuses: Largest range of unit production. **Can produce multiple special units, when requirements are met.

    City: Fastest growth rate. Higher population cap.
    Combat/Unit: All units have chance of Bloodlust when damaged in combat. Bloodlust gives extra attack/counter-attack when engaged in melee fighting and/or extra range attack per turn.

    City: Highest unrest. Population over cap has much higher unrest than other races; unrest over population normal cap cannot be quelled by shrines/temples/buildings. Just as in MoM, creating a "Settler" unit reduces population by 1 (1000 population points). This promotes the "horde" aspect of the beastmen race.

    Combat/Units: More susceptible to mind-controlling effects.

    Special Units**:
    War Trolls: Regenerate health per turn and to full after combat.
    Centaurs: Charge and range attack. Bonus to “survive” upon fleeing.
    Minotaur: Charge and Gore attack (causes bleeding).
    Stag Beetle: Slow moving; high armor and magic resistance; poison breath.
    Ogre Magi: High health caster; can cast Bloodlust on a unit once per combat.

    *Need a special building to produce special units; 1 per city. 1 city can produce a Stag Beetle Den and only make Stag Beetles from it. Another city can produce a different special building to have access to other special unit. Building is possibly Biome dependent.

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    Interesting ideas!

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