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Thread: The Races of Elannra

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    I'd love to see a seafaring humanoid faction, with special skills in the art of seafaring. They could be inspired by the ancient phoenicians (or how it's spelled in english). They could also have some fantasy creatures from the old myths of the Levant area.

    It could also be based on the ancient Minoan seafaring culture, and the Minotaurus could of course be one of the units. Other greek fantasy fosters like the Medusa as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    I'm amazed we haven't had more "dark elf" requests. Not that long ago people were crazy about them, lol.
    Hey hey hey,

    What happened to the original polls for races. I definitely thought Dark Elves made the cut! They were by far my favorite race in MOM. Just their spearmen were powerful because of their ranged spell attacks! Combine that with the fact that their poluation generate 1 Mana per 'population unit'. Win.

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    Dark Elves are in of course, they just haven't been implemented yet

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    (There's a TL;DR at the end)
    Just a thought- If you look at most fantasy races/civilizations, you'll see a certain resemblance to real-world cultures- High Men, for Instance, have a definite western European vibe, while Dwarves tend to have a Nordic/Germanic(sometimes Scottish) feel- also, looking at LOTR's Gondor, you can really see a resemblance to the Eastern Roman Empire(with Arnor being the WRE and mordor being the Saracens). So, why not base a faction off of the big one- Rome.
    I see a lot of requests for goblins up here, so I'll do this with them In mind.
    (It could also apply to halflings, both because of their position In MOM, and because the Halfling empire Is always fun)
    Right, for basic swordsmen/spears, you'd have goblins- weak, lightly armored, cheap, maybe kinda fast, and numerous. They might get javelin or the like.

    The next step up would be hobgoblins- tough, heavily armed and armored, kinda slow, and expensive. Instead of archers, the hobs would all have javelins, or maybe throwing axes.
    They might also have Ogres for brute force, wolves for speed, and maybe eagles(to fit with the roman theme- wyverns might fit the goblinoids better).
    At sea, you might have Greek fire.
    Economically, they'd be well-rounded.
    Now for The Interesting part: The base goblinoid units, while good enough, would need more support for a well-rounded army. Which leads to the auxiliaries

    Once you capture a city, you'd, either automatically or by decision, convert It to a legion camp. These would give less food/gold/mana than regular cities, but would let you recruit special units based on the cities Inhabitants- heavy cavalry from High men, Archers from elves, etc.
    TL;DR: Roman Goblinoids that recruit special units from conquered cities

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