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Thread: The Races of Elannra

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodai View Post
    The ultimate goal it seems to me is to convert the Prime Material plane into another Death plane (by spreading the death corruption) so sitting building up an empire in the death plane and then camping there and just trying to hold it seems counter productive. Frankly if I'm a life player and an Undead faction is holed up on the death plane I couldn't care less, as long as they stay out of the Prime Material plane then I've won in my mind no matter how many cities they may have on the Death plane.
    You should not just sit in death plane that won't bring you great (or any) victory but you have to go through the prime material plane - and can conquer that too if you want - to the life/paradise plane and wreak havoc there for the great rewards. As a player starting on prime you need to fear all the monsters, all the other players on prime and all the outer planes' players too as they'll sooner or later appear in your backdoor either just marching through or attack you.
    About quick games you're right if you choose one plane then the other planes' factions cannot be involved easily. But in this case we can say that they're already appeared through a portal.

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    I am currently leaning toward allowing players to turn on/off whatever planes they want. As far as what factions that will turn on/off we're just going to have to work out the details. I really want to open up the level of customization. So, I think I may allow people to do wild things like start a "Life Pane Only" game and select undead as one of the random factions on the map. What are undead doing on the life plane? I don't know! You started the game that way! You make up the story!

    Anyway, that's the direction I'm leaning.

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    I've been thinking of the game as being a battle for the Prime Material plane. Perhaps that's short sighted of me. The other planes I think of as dangerous places you go to get allies, loot, etc. to help you in your quest to dominate the Prime Material plane not a place to build a bunch of cities or an empire, perhaps that's short sighted of me. I've played RTS games where my opponent spent the entire time building an super base instead of going out and doing anything and I fear that allowing factions to start on different planes that give their faction a distinct advantage may result in similar stalemate type situations where the sides are secure in their planes but unable to make any headway in their rivals planes.
    I have to admit though an interesting "easy" scenario would be to be a life wizard and set the only plane to life then set a death wizard as your opponent. That would be a good way to get a new life wizard used to the ropes before trying something harder.
    My thought was that traveling between planes wouldn't be trivial, at least not at the start. So their might be permanent gateways to each of the planes on the prime material plane but they'd be guarded by appropriate creatures so you'd have to build up a fair force and take control of the gateway before you could use it. There would also be high level spells to allow you to transport units between planes without having to use a gateway but being high level you wouldn't have those at the start. Starting on different maps that aren't trivial to move between seems odd.
    I still feel like everyone should START (found your capital) or the same map. I like the idea of choosing one or all the planes (picking and choosing which ones seems it bit complex) and if you choose one then giving the option to pick which is interesting. I feel like the elemental planes should come or go together (if more than one) and same with life/death.
    So like the options:
    1 plane (choose any one)
    Prime Material + Life + Death
    Prime Material + Elemental Planes
    In all multi-plane games all factions start on the Prime Material plane.
    If everything is an option though I can certainly choose to play this way myself while other pick a random set of planes to their liking. I must add that I find it amusing that to me here less complexity feel right and you seem to be leaning toward more choice and in it the units discussion more complexity feels right to me and you seem to be leaning toward less. Nothing wrong with it, I just find it amusing how things turn out.

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    We want to open the options up and let you play it your way. You should be able to make everyone start on the prime material plane if you like. You should also be able to separate the AI opponents on different planes and start on your own all alone if that's your desire.

    In early game traveling to another plane is going to be fairly difficult. You will have to find an existing gateway and defeat it's guardian to get access through it. If you take it you will be able to "hold" it against your enemies so that you can use it, but they can't. As the game progresses you'll be able to cast spells to move units from one plane to another or even build a permanent gateway in a city (potentially). This means that being in a separate plane will give you some early game protection (just like starting on an island), but by mid-game that protection is going to be something you can't count on.

    I did want to say that we are getting a little off topic here. This thread is for race suggestions We can move the "planes" talk back over to the planes post.

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    As to refer to MoM (again, I know, but I think it was the aim of that game), one of the best "flavoured" option was to choose a better (unbalanced) race, while lowering your magic force (that is to say, choose mirror beginning by sacrifiing 3 spellbooks).

    Whatever the race is (draconian, dark elves,...), it must have better unit (even if they cost more) and access to a larger panel of building. and most of all, you begin on a different plane of the other wizards.

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    Refer to MoM all you want! We're aiming for "spiritual successor", so it's going to come up a bit

    And, yes, we will look at that option. It depends on which races make it into the initial release.

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    My thoughts on the races that were mentioned in order of importance:

    Humans - I suppose the default humans would match up roughly with High Men from MoM. This would leave room for other themes like barbarians, nomads, etc later on.

    Dwarves - I would save other smallfolk (halflings and gnomes) for DLC since each can have its own flavor. Constructs should really just be summonable and/or high level units for these races.

    Elves - I would keep high elves and wood elves separate as they can have distinct flavors. Dark elves too for that matter.

    Orcish / Goblinoid - These units could include the usual uglies like trolls and ogres as well. A fantasy game without these crusty creatures isn't complete.

    Undead - Awesome. Everything posted in the thread for them sounds interesting.

    Draconion / Lizardmen - I would lump these together. There's not enough difference in flavor to make them separate factions. As mentioned above they shouldn't be able to make dragons, but some really vicious fire-breating flying warriors at high level would be cool.

    Sylvan Brotherhood - Great idea. Centaurs, faeries, satyrs and other the other magic folk of the woods.

    Insectoids - This would be a great race for an expansion. Maybe burrowing units (functions like a limited form of invisibility)? Flying bugs at high levels? Sounds awesome.

    Demons - I suppose a hell/devil-centric faction could have a unique flavor (like the Inferno group in HOMM). Like Insectoids I could wait for DLC on this one.

    I'm in favor of keeping each faction pretty specific in focus and theme to leave room for expansion races.

    I would love to see all of these in the base game, but I would definitely rather you guys spend time making the core mechanics of the game solid and adding races later in race-pack DLCs if that's the resource allocation you have to make. Just the top five above would give a lot of variety to the base game.

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    Here's another to throw out there: I'd prefer these as DLC later down the road, not in the base set but I figured I'd flesh the idea out a little

    Dark Elves (Drow) - What do they add? One they were a faction in MoM as well as D20 (I was surprised to find them there, I thought WoC kept them proprietary but they ARE in the D20 SRD). They add spiders/poison and driders/spiders can climb walls (city/fort)

    Dark Elves do not get move bonus in forests like the other elves
    Spearmen - similar to elves
    Swordsman - user rapiers instead of longsword
    bowmen - replaced by hand crossbowmen with poison bolts, rapier backup weapon
    cavalry - replaced by driders (think dark elf/spider centaur), these go slow for cavalry (30' move) BUT can climb walls!
    priests - evil so can command instead of turn undead, always female
    wizards (Warlocks)

    Premade Wizard is Female (earth/death?)

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    I'm amazed we haven't had more "dark elf" requests. Not that long ago people were crazy about them, lol.

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    Bah, if you spent the points to start on Myrror, why would you ever choose anything but Draconian?

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