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Thread: The Races of Elannra

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    Now the last of the three water races should be the R'lyeh. The R'lyeh can build cities both on land and in water. The two different cities building different kinds of units. They can build more units than other races, but only half of them in each city.

    Water cities

    A powerfull slave race, with no arms or armor. Fight with powerfull bit attacks and claws. Amphibius.

    Dominated merfolk
    Merfolks dominated by the Abeloth. Armed with a few harpoons.

    Skum Guard
    Elite skum in armor and armed with pikes. Amphibius.

    Part crab, insect and snake the Chuul is a terror to behold. It is fast, amphibius, heavly armored and hit like a truck. Amphibius.

    Mind dominating terror from the deep. Able to fight with its long temtacles, but it real power it is brain domination and magic abilities.

    Land cities

    Fanatical/brainwashed worshipers from the lesser races who fight with no regard for their own safty. Badly armed and hardly armored.

    Bow armed cultist
    Worshiper. Now with a BOW.

    Children of the deep
    Cultists will often sacriefice woman to their masters in the deep. Most of the times the sacrifice is eaten. Sometimes. . . Sometimes you get a more unspeakable union. These are the childrens from such an union.
    Low level aquatic rogue/sorceres

    Cultist may be insane, but madmen are roaring mad. They ignore wounds and fight with madness introduced rage. (Barbarians)

    Mad preacher
    Clerics who sometimes behave. . . Well let us just call it unintended.

    Our favorit brain eating monster. Can lock down an enemey army with its powerfull mind attack.

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    I suggest.. keep for the release FEW iconic races to provide a good variety of things, giving tho sub-race options,
    let's make an example:

    - Theocracy (good-evil depending on what colours of magic taken)
    this favours clerics-temples and cultists or paladins. high level clerical units low level magic ones
    Holy theocracy with strong stuff against undead
    still living undead faction where the most devote becomes undead
    - Magocracy
    favours wizards and archmages of various kinds to be produced high level magic units low level cleric ones
    -Evil, Ancient magical
    Completely undead faction starts with undead.

    - Kingdom
    has all kinds of stuff balanced units

    - Empire
    more technological advanced, has better catapults, trebuches, and has more limited clerics-wizards.

    - Dark
    basically makes the sub-race dark elves that you want to introduce with what you want to put in.
    - sun
    normal elves devoted to good and all that

    normal dwarves
    like the Duergars

    I feel this should be a sub-class of humans.

    Barbarian hordes
    Clans (more military advanced and warcraft styled)

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    The war had been long and tiring, the eon of struggle had come to an end Buddiaon had finally put his rival down. Yawnpia had fought to the bitter end, but in the end his follower were not enough. Buddiaon had put set his trap well, he had lured Yawnpia to the crater, by giving him hope of new converts. Buddioan had struck have store decade of his followers energy for this shot. Now his rival lesser God laid at the bottom of crater buried under earth and water. Buddiaon could feel his opponents essence seep away.

    Yawnpia, new he had been a fool and now he was lost. He knew there was one last chance for his return. So he bleed. He bleed his essence into the newly formed lake. He could use this, to gather the new follower, and he would create them from the surrounding creatures. He would mold them, give them intelligence slowly he need time to let his rival think he was gone.

    The first creature he need appear a week later, a herd of mountain goat, they would be the first of his new follower. He would mold them, they would know only him. As they drank from the lake they took in more than water they took in his being. He was now part of them. He would change in them into two new type beings that had never been seen on Elannra. Half of his new goatmen be docile and tasked with farming and settling, building roads for his new kingdom. He would weave into them the ability to manipulate and understand their surrounds. They would search for new lakes and pounds were his essence could take up residence and help to create more subjects.

    The other half of the herd were more aggressive, Yawnpia, gave them strength, curled their horn around their head for protection, instilled them with an inane scents of protection they would be the guardians of the herd. They would learn to create sword and spear in order to protect his new followers.

    Yawnpia needed being capable of spreading the faith among is new follower he need away to gather prayer in order to regain his strength. He knew he would never again be a corporal being but that did not matter as long as he had followers. When a herd of elk came to his lake he knew these creatures would be his priest. Large and majestic they could be changed into devoted spreader of his faith. He would use their antlers to as away to gather prayer and mana, which would be pump into the ponds and lakes to spread his essence. They would be seen as healer, and a few special one would use gather mana to deal death and destruction on the battle field.

    Yawnpia seeing his new people start to spread, knew it was time to create his forunners , he ordered shiny objects spread along the shore of his primary shine. As predicted a Murder of Crows came to investigate the shiny rocks he would mold these creature into being that could seek out his enemy and report back quickly. The Harpy was born, sharp eyed and cunning, fast , but weak individually. They would carry dagger and short bows.

    Yawnpia use his Harpy to scout for his next creation, He needed Warthogs. These he would shape into the backbone of his fighting force. He elongated their tusk to get them natural weapons for close combat. He manipulated their already tough hides to give them added protections. As they grew older iron would begin depositing in their hides the would become slower but stronger and much harder to kill. Few of these old ironhide would until they could no longer move. The lucky few would then be taken to a special chamber that was always keep sweltering hot. In these chamber their body became cocoons for there final transformation. Yawnpia essence would once again transform these being. The transformation would take years for some decades. Their head and neck would be stronger and sink lower protecting their chest, when the emerged they would have double in size, arms and legs covered in plate. These new wortman could break boulders with just their fist.

    Young Wortman would carry sword and shield until the grew older, then they would be train to carry Heavy mauls and rely on their hides for protection. The Oldling would be wall breakers Longtime to make and slow in combat.

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    My take on possible races:

    We'll have 100% sure human(oid)s, elves, dwarves and undead. We still need to know who win the poll to add draconians or orcs.

    I am a strong believer that if you want classic races in a classic world of fantasy and magic, orcs and goblins need to be there. So if draconians are the selected race, for 6th or maybe 7th race (I'm sure that we'll arrive at that stretch goal) I'd prefer a race of goblinoids and orcs. Maybe a nomadic race, based on not constructing powerful bases, but havieng a lot of settlements (the more settlements in map, the better the bonuses of production i.e.). If goblins and orcs are on the same race, maybe one of the features could be that they have more types of units than the others, being goblinoids the most weak but that can outnumber (low cost of production, so you can produces masses), and orcs the middle-type units. You can add trolls as the high level units.

    Beastmen is another race that appeals me. There you can throw kobolds, centaurs, minotaurs and, well, beastmen... I see them as a high cost per unit race (except for kobolds or another low level unit), with shamanistic ways and they are all about conquering, that's where their bonuses could come. Things like slaving other city inhabitants to increase production and sacrificing those people (at the cost of production) to make powerful rituals (summoning or other spells) or to increase crystal production.

    Astrals and elementals, I liked the idea that is commented here: depending on the planes, they gane some bonuses or special abilities, a fire sprite in a water plane could have penalties but on its native plane of fire, there they'll shine.

    Insectoids, another great idea. I saw them as a hive mind. No cities per se but colonies that can produce more the more there are on the map and each colony can specialize on producing unique things (fast units, caster units and spell research, heavy rock'n'roll units).

    Halflings, well I defended them as a more brutalish race on another post, more linked with natural forces (gnomes and leprechauns, I don't know if other fey forces could fit because they can be another race ).

    Finally, dark elves, the more rogue-ish and underground-ish forces. As Aaron said, if the game adds underground/undersea levels, then that would be the moment to think about them.

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    This post is moving along very well without me, lol. Carry on

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    how are golems anywhere near draconians and dark elves?? i think the first and foremost problem here is lack of race being allowed in game by far. i can understand where some races can b set aside for a DLC but for a base game i feel like 5 races is, for lack of a better word, pitiful. i loved having the many different races in MoM if for nothing more than to kill different lookng units sometimes, but i think 6 or 7 races will make people who buy just worlds of magic not feel cheated.

    that all said, draconian/lizardmen with turtle drakes, astrals, dark elves and goblinoids are my votes in that order.

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    We want more races. We want a LOT more races. However, races are one of the most expensive parts of the game. Each one requires a lot of artwork and that runs into money, lol. We've added stretch goals to open up more race slots and we should certainly be able to add more as DLC in future. We just have to do what we can with what we've got. I assure you, we're doing our best

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    So, guess who got bored, got to thinking, and made up yet another army list?
    Aveni, Masters of the Sky
    The Aveni, or the winged ones, are akin to humans if humans had giant wings on their back. While often confused with angels by those who have had little contact with them, the Aveni are no more holy then any other mortal race. As the ages have gone by, their low breeding rate and need for wide open spaces has seem them pushed back farther and farther by their landbound human kin, eventually forcing them entirely into the deep jungles and high mountains, away from the plains that they once called their own.

    Forced to adapt, the Aveni learned fast about their new homes, and have grown in strength and numbers until the time a new wizard has come to them.. a wizard that promises to lead them to glory and return them to their long lost homelands should they support him in his bid.. to become the Master of Magic.

    Nestmakers :
    Aveni settlers are commonly known as nestmakers. Beyond the ability to fly, their is little unusual about them.

    Sky Surveyors : While the Aveni are no better at building then normal folk, the ability to see things from the sky is a useful thing for making accurate plans.

    Talon Fighters :
    Young Aveni warriors are known as Talon Fighters, for in times past they fought with metal talons attached to their feet. Nowadays they, like most other people, instead use spears as weapons, for as was learned from harsh experience foot mounted weapons verses spears tend to get young warriors stabbed to death.

    Birdfolk warriors with shields and shortspears, but no armor.

    Eagle Warriors : Once blooded enough to be worth respecting, Aveni combatants are known as Eagle Warriors after the great birds of prey they hold as sacred to the tribes. Being richer, they can afford better equipment then the Talon Fighters, and being older and stronger, they can carry heavier objects with them into the sky.

    Birdfolk fighters with mail shirts, shields, and swords.

    Aveni Hunters : The Aveni, like other people, need to eat, and hunters on the wing soon develop both keen eyes and fast reflexes with the bows they use.

    Birdfolk warriors with shortbows, daggers, and no armor.

    Tempest Warriors : The most elite Aveni fighters are known as Tempest Warriors, for they strike with the speed of lightning and the ferocity of the storm. Armed with twin cutting blades and advanced armor, Tempest Warriors are some of the most deadly fighters in the air.

    Birdfolk rangers specialized in two weapon style with masterwork light armor and two swords. One of the two high level combat units of the Aveni.

    Thunderbird : Thunderbirds are powerful beasts of lightning and flight, so when possible the Aveni tribes will bribe and flatter them into joining in to the Aveni's wars. While powerful, they are not much more intelligent then a normal person, so a cunning diplomat can often come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.

    Is the giant monster unit for this faction. Big, mean, throws lightning bolts, and hits things hard.

    Eagle Shaman : Some Aveni will seek out and live with the Eagles that the tribes hold as sacred, learning the ways of wind and storm, as well as the secret languages of the birds. Should they survive to return to the tribes, they will become known as Eagle Shamans, the spiritual advisers of the clans.

    Birdpeople druids with light armor and daggers. Counts as the factions divine casters. Low-Middle power.

    Jade Queen : The Jade Queens are the ancestral leaders of the tribes, trained in secret magic arts passed down from mother to daughter to bind lightning and wind to their wills. While poorly trained for direct combat, to get into melee with them one must first brave the thunder...

    Birdpeople sorcerers focused on air magic. Mid-high tier.

    Nighthawks : Some Aveni range far from their normal homes, to explore and fight in the worlds of the grounded races. These stealthy mercenaries are commonly known as Nighthawks for their tendency to dye their wings black for stealth at night. Experienced and merciless slayers of men, these warriors will eagerly fight for their people's glory. And for cash, of course.

    Birdfolk Rogues or Ninjas with light armor, throwing daggers, and swords.

    Wingless : Some Aveni are born without or with only vestigial wings. These poor folks are known as the Wingless, and are commonly considered cursed by other Aveni. In wartime they seek death in battle to earn a more honorable reincarnation, and serve as the Aveni tribes heavy infantry. Armored in heavy armor and armed with great cutting blades and crossbows traded for from other races, the Wingless make for a horrible foe.

    Human Fighters with heavy armor, Greatswords, and Heavy Crossbows. Immune to enemy fear abilities. The other high level combat unit of the Aveni.


    The lack of a siege weapon is intended, because they can all fly. (Well, except for the Wingless). On the other hand, they can only build the most simple of walls (No upgrades), because, as people who can fly, they don't really need them in inter-tribe fights, and only build them if other races come for a war.

    They are fast and mobile, but only the Wingless has any form of heavy armor, and they have poor ranged combat abilities, with only basic shortbows until the end of the game, where Wingless can shoot things with slow reloading crossbows or Thunderbirds can zap things.

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    I looked through all the posts and one Idea as a Race is still amiss to me: Shapeshifters

    They would have an interesting concept: Rather frail Units, but can turn into Powerhouses, Stonewalls. Lightning Bruisers or Glass Cannons. The Drawback would be that once transformed they cannot use any Magic equipments anymore and some Magic Buffs would not work on them. Plus maybe, they work on their Instincs rather than on Orders so once transformed the would be AI controlled
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    I'm going to chime in here and necro this thread by pointing out that I'd like to see Beastmen and a Merfolk type races sooner rather than later. I know they are expansion stuff but.. yeah.

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