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Thread: Artifacts of Power

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    I through to the possibility to choose an portion of your spell power you would use when casting a spell so you could say when you cast create artifact or summon infinitely costly creature of Doom 2 you could put an power consumption of 75% for being yet able to cast overland bless or things of this kind while channeling your 50 years spell.Also it would be cool if artificial creatures were creatable with create artifact I remember of rules for doing arbitrary artificial creatures but it had grave balance bugs and so I through to a way to fix that.Simply the system was to choose an base size then a material then some augments (like + 2 str or consciousness (allows to have feats)) and the price were (sizebasecost*(1+materialsolidity/x)*numberofaugments2*25(if you bind a creature to your constuct for increasing its power(it can be anything and it gains the powers of this thing and potentially magic immunity))) then you could add one power (like smite or the ability to throw fly on an ally and you can add one more power if you bind something inside) having an constant bonus cost and finally choose if it have an focus or not (having an focus increase the cost prevents frenzy if there is something bidden inside and allows to have one more ability)the great bug was that you could choose the smallest size and it was cheaper and better than medium (there is the typical 80 str 80 dex meca beetle of size very small who had the price of an steel golem but was power-fuller) but you can choose another table for costs and increase the cost when reducing the size under medium.
    What could be good also for creating artificial creatures would be the pick four stats of master of magic that was used for items. Artifact creatures would have all stats a little like amulets when crafted and the result would be an creature who would have some base stats + the stats of the pseudo item.
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    A different twist on artifacts:

    Besides those that come with the game, how about items that the player creates in one game having a chance to appear in a later game?

    Items of any power level can apply. Why waste a feature like that on the "end game" only?

    Those player-generated items would only make up a fixed percentage of the total items that get in on the roll so as to not blank out diversity with always-the-same items that the player creates.

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