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Thread: You Need A Hero?

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    So wait, is a group of 20 level 1 spearmen, 20 level 1 warriors? They would be stronger than a level1 hero, even though a level 1 hero is much more costly? Or are the spearmen as a group a D20 level 1 warrior?
    In MoM it was the latter and it was funny how a simple heal would bring back units from the dead.
    But in case of the latter it would be strange if a group of units was turned into one hero.

    Anyway, don't make it to customisable. Else any hero can be turned into the optimal hero and the heroes will lose their uniqueness and become just another unit.

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    I love the idea, and it was one of my favorite parts of MoM too. I think as others have said, a unit that wins battles and gets experience should have a random chance of generating a hero. I think there should be some "preset" heroes, and others that get created in this way. I also think it would be cool to be able to "customize" heroes outside the game, to make some of your own that are added to the game. Of course, keep in mind, that hero you made up may at some point ask to join your enemy!

    MoM had the same sort of thing with their items as well. It had some premade ones, and you could customize some others. I love that too.

    Taking this basic thing and placing it into d20 context is awesome. You have a rogue hero or champion that learns some abilities and such, maybe at a certain point you can choose to specialize him into an assassin. Lots of options there.

    No offense to those that have proposed it, but NOT a fan of the loyalty aspect, and the possibility that heroes/champions might revolt or turn against you. I understand the idea, and have played plenty of games where that's a fun aspect, but to me WoM is not that kind of game. I'm not even sure I can explain how or why that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcaneTourist View Post
    How about a game startup option of "No Champions"? Yes, it's heresy, but it would provide an interesting difference in gameplay.

    Another option. All armies must contain a hero (and if he gets killed, the stack suffers a terrible penalty until it gets a replacement).
    Love the first option, not the 2nd.
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