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Thread: City spam.

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    the team needs a spreadsheet (balance) guy, the game needs to feel like MoM, the bugs need to be squashed, and content needs to get finished. if the guy with the numbers (spreadsheet guy) thinks it should be complicated let it be complicated (and let the interface people figure out how to not scare the player with data), if he feels it should be simple then it should be simple. throwing in ideas that sound nice without a spreadsheet guy to verify if it actually works in the entirety of the game is a bad idea.
    I think that's one of Hoverdog's jobs, if I'm not mistaken. I am confident WI has already put a lot of time into number crunching.
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    Some Very interesting ideas here. Myself personally, I detest city spam, so anything that shakes this up, is a bonus to me. To make certain races more the ideal for city spam, sounds great, but what about the opposite?. A bonus for non spamming cultures. Dwarfs?, Elves?....

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    being forced to city spam is probably the number 1 thing people who like the genre hate about the genre. either that or late game micromanagement. though for me it is the forced to city spam (not to be mistaken with simply having the viable alternative to city spam).

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    The first question is: what is wrong with city spamming? I am guessing that at least as many TBS gamers like large empires with lots of cities as those who hate it. Anything 'you' do to affect/cripple this will be seen as a negative by a bunch of potential customers. If you don't like city spamming, play on smaller maps with more opponents. If you want to play huge maps with very few cities, well, why?

    MoM managed this just fine; even by the mid game, a bunch of your cities are just producing gold to finance your army. Amount of macro management for these cities is tiny; micro management is non-existent. Civ (3 I think) tried to manage this with waste/corruption (1 shield suckland as it was labelled) and generated huge amounts of hostility on the forums before first turning it down, then allowing it to be modded.

    All that said, did anyone play Civ CTP (Call To Power, when Microprose and Sid M split, each continuing to produce Civ games (as I dimly remember it)). CTP, again as I dimly remember it, did two clever things around city management/spamming: city radius (diagonal) increased with city size and production queues. The first limited spamming because your bigger cities needed those extra tiles; the second made city management much less labourious. They also had a tactical combat system, not MoM but a huge improvement on Civ. I would think this model is a much better fit for what WoM is trying to achieve.

    I do agree that city spamming should not be a required/best path to victory but nor should the mechanics be that, e.g., the Swiss would slaughter the US because large empires with lots of cities face crippling penalties vs small compact empires.

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