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    Just Charming

    In Worlds of Magic you're going to be able to get units (and heroes for that matter) using all the classic methods. You'll be able to train units belonging to the races of the cities that you own (with some possible limitations on captured cities), you can hire mercenaries who offer their services to you and you'll also be able to summon creatures and bind them to your will using powerful magic. It's not a bad lineup to begin with is it? Still, we feel it could use a bit more. That's what this post is about.

    To start with, as I believe I mentioned in another post, some of the more powerful charm spells in the game will be permanent. (Your sorcerer will have to pay a maintenance cost in mana-per-turn, but it's still going to be a fairly powerful effect.) Players can use this as an additional method for collecting units. It may seem too good to be true, but there will be several counter-strategies. First, a powerful enough dispel magic spell will break the charm (making your former ally a bitter foe). Second, certain spells will protect a unit from charms or prevent direct telepathic control. It also opens up the possibility of magic items that help you maintain control (the silver chair?) or protect your heroes from being controlled (like Magneto's helmet). It will allow us to offer players the chance to charm powerful monsters and have dragons serving in their ranks. It really opens up a lot of possibilities. It may be a challenge to maintain the balance, but I believe the “flavor” will be worth it.

    What is more powerful than magical mind control? Genuine persuasion! We plan to have diplomacy have a wider reaching effect than merely you trying to convince your enemies that you should become their king (or that you should share research or drop a trade tariff or whatever...) Perhaps you could convince a neutral city to join your empire? Would a ranger hero just slaughter a couple of wild bears without trying to calm them first? Angles guarding a temple aren't just going to attack a group of paladins without any provocation (I love MoM, but I could never buy that one.) Diplomacy is going to allow you not only to persuade fellow sorcerers to declare peace, but is going to allow your sorcerer (and your heroes) to try to bring potential enemies over to your side. Again, this is going to be a tricky mechanic to develop, but I think it's going to be worth the effort.

    One last note: Some of this is going to run into the “alignment” discussion going on in other topics. I plan to start a separate topic to discuss this soon. We don't need to mention here than paladins won't negotiate with demons and vice versa.

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    This sounds awesome.

    As always, I say "flavor" is more important than balance! Balance only matters in multiplayer, which to me should be the last priority in any 4x.

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    How about a mechanic to first having to "pacify" conquered cities before you can build any units at all? (like in MOO2 or CIV5) this would mean that you have build maybe a "court building" or a "watch station" before you can use the cities full resources.

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    Excellent idea! I like it

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    the part about genuine persuasion really runs in the vein of AoW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain_Brian View Post
    This sounds awesome.

    As always, I say "flavor" is more important than balance! Balance only matters in multiplayer, which to me should be the last priority in any 4x.
    Perfect balance isn't so important in multiplayer either. The most important thing is being able to play the same great single player game in multiplayer as well. Design the gameplay arround being a good singleplayer, but for heavens sake; let us play it in MP too.

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    Hi Aaron, great to see you back on the forums after your time-out, lazy-sunny-holiday-baking-money-spending-... ohno wait, that was me
    I would love to see the Fame coming back into play. I used to play MoM games where I was ONLY focusing on gaining as much fame as i could. That would make u so ridiculously OP in the ol' game, but it was just awesome to see all these great creatures and heroes and artifact merchants (free tributes! what a rush!) coming to your doorstep asking (nay begging!) to be part of team winning.
    If somehow it would be possible to make this kind of gameplay possible 'for a cost', that would be beyond awesome
    Like some 'fortune'-boosting buildings that are really expensive (say like a hub kind of bar renowned for receiving travelers from far and wide that would pick up the tales of your successes and spread them from there, thus increasing the scale of your fame), or heroes or units that are utterly useless, except for that one talent of giving you loads of fame (like the Derwish and his +10 gold in early game? We've all been there
    I'm also thinking of course that fleeing from battles will lose you fame. Loved that feeling of being disgusted with myself after losing a battle. Not just the bitterness of defeat, but the added shame, that did the trick :-D

    Just perhaps make the gaining of 'fame' (whatever it will be called) a non-explicit mechanic (do not explain how much you gain after doing what exactly) and make the spells REALLY costly, so we can all feel worthy and valiant when we gain another +1 fame after defeating our 2 earth golems and 10 sprites with our 3 captain-heroes and our elite swordsmen ;-)

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