This is the first of the “faction” posts I plan to do. I want to get a little more detail on each of the suggested races because there's a good chance we're going to open the later race selections to a community vote. So, it's a good idea to keep up with the community. (Even you lurkers. You know who you are, lol.) And it's a good idea to weigh in on all these faction posts. We want to make sure that all the factions have a rich flavor and solid game play. This post is to explore what could be done with the Draconian race. I started here because three people had mentioned the Draconians in different posts.

I'll get the ball rolling by saying I think all the units need some bonus to natural armor class. I also think we can combine the true Draconians with some of the lesser reptilian races to create lower tier units. (Like lizardmen.) All of them should be able to swim and most of them fly. Flying units will have a serious limit on what armor they can equip, so their armor class won't get crazy. I think that higher tier units may also need breath weapons or some magical abilities. We may even want to build some of the highest tier units on the D20 Half-Dragon template.

Those are my base ideas. What do you guys think? What truly “draconian” elements can we add to make the race feel special.