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Thread: Life Circle

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    You will almost certainly see spells like "Holy Ground" (Consecrate) in the Life circle.

    Mutation would be an interesting thing to add to Nature (that being Air + Earth + Fire + Water). It could even explain things like gryphons and pegasus in the lore.

    Good ideas!

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    I agree re Incarnation - one of my favourite MoM spells. Such a thrill when it turned up in the spell book. I also liked the archangel spell. Re new spells (I can't remember all the MoM spells...) - what about a cleansing of evil spell that affects random enemy troop members who may turn on their previous fellows and fight for good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloss View Post
    I agree re Incarnation - one of my favourite MoM spells. Such a thrill when it turned up in the spell book.
    As a quick aside, if you took 11 life books you could start the game with Incarnation, no luck involved.

    My favorite non-Torin summoning life spells were Prayer and High Prayer. These spells made your non-Torin stacks almost as tough as Torin himself.

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    Good suggestions.

    It won't be long before we start compiling the actual spell lists in the backers forum.

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    I think that circles need to have obvious downsides, their paper to the enemies scissor, in Master of Magic life magic was pretty beefy on most fronts.

    It had great defense and kill spells to chaos/death, it had spells that beefed up normal/hero units so powerfully they were better than most other schools summons, illusion defense, and to top it off it had boosts to economy and town military.

    I guess my suggestion is instead of throwing everything goody goody that sounds neat into the game think what it's strengths should be and do they infringe on other circles strong points, sure a few fun spells (ones that don't fit the mold) would be fine.

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    i guess biomancy is real "life" magic, so mutations, creating diseases (bacterias are alive, virus are troublesome as are also similar to rock, nonliving thing?)

    aureora borealis/cracks between worlds/other life specific name (open crack in positive plane so more positive energy get in specific plane so can be cast multiple times except in positive plain, improves living troops, harm/weaken undead, regenerate/heal between battles or turns, make plane somewhat similar to positiv plane, becouse of name cracks between worlds add similar spells for other elements)

    overload (overload unit with positive energy, improves psychical stats dead or almost dead after battle, kill or heavily damage undead)

    life fountain (city enchantment, open crack in positive plane from witch seep positive energy, maybe act as portal to there, but increase city growth and maybe food growth in surrounding squares, add similar fountains of energy with other effect for rest of elements and death/negative energy?)

    banishment (usually its summoning circle, life has improved anti-demon -undead version)

    morale (units attack more gladly, increased damage, maybe else mentalism, if someone remember that humans dont ussualy use all steang becous of subconscious locks except in great danger and lot of adrenalin, so that someone lift car if REALLY needed for second)

    ward/wall of light (geysers/cracks between worlds of positive energy,heal own living troops that pass, blind and/or lightly damage enemies troops, great damage on undead)

    bless weapons (temporarily transform weapons in magical, that is pass damage resistance for non magic weapons and greater damage on undead), reincarnate (reborn great specific hero/angel/spirit unavailable otherwise, maybe have specific version for other circles if they have highly inteligent and powerful spirits/creatures as angels?)

    ascendancy/uplift (transform creature in non corporeal creature, similar to very weak angels?, limited list of targets like only humans/elves/even orcs, but not undead/demon or too magical creatures especially summoned ones, what is that celestial, maybe some element specific creatures to transform unit to creature similar to some spirit of that element?, celestial template is to week for description but army of non corporeal unit can be game breaker?, positive, improved version of wrath form from mom?), resurrect (all unit only, during battle, or only for living heroes even during strategic turns?)

    so life here dont deserve this life it seem, literal meaning is nature set of spells? not so much arcane magic that control and manipulate living body but religion of all good, divine magic from D&D for priest and druids?

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    manipulate/sculpture souls (also or moved to mentalist and/or augment circle, better mental stats, true sight from betters senses, willpower powerful enough to always affect non corporeal creatures?)

    life sphere (sphere of positive energy, resist physical attack and especially negative energy spells and attacks, life circle only)
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