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Asmodai, I like the idea of an artifact set that wins the game. It's an interesting alternate win strategy. One thought: How could the player go about tracking down these artifacts? If it's just a matter of clearing out every dungeon (temple, tomb, whatever) on the map it comes across as winning by luck rather than strategy to me. There has to be some mechanic for tracking down the next piece and going for it. I'm open to ideas.
In my experience with Turn Based Strategy games it doesn't take but so long before the various factions have explored all the ruins, etc. in the game. Once all 7 pieces (I would suggest you only have this victory condition when all the planes are in play.) are located they should be difficult to attain. Whatever is guarding could perhaps be a VERY powerful (unique?) creature of the appropriate plane. So you may know pretty quick where they are but it's not so easy to get them. Even in the late game when the factions have powerful armies the artifact pieces would count as magic items that only a hero/champion can carry and it's unlikely that one faction is going to be able to collect all 7 from their initial ruins. Instead the pieces will be split between different factions, carried around by heroes. Having such a powerful magic item wouldn't be something people wouldn't hear about so maybe the heroes that carry them have some sort of indicator. So assuming a heroes magic items drop when you kill them then for that victory condition you'd be hunting the heroes carrying the pieces you don't already have. To actually win maybe you have to get all 7 pieces back to your wizards tower so even when you have all 7 the other players know and will try to prevent the heroes carrying them from reaching your tower.