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Thread: Rogues?

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    Yea, I need to weave the ideas together and re-pitch halflings. A kinder-like take no them could greatly increase their popularity. After all, it worked in Krynn

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    Well wrt James' idea on having a thief lord, this could be kind of tied in to what we discussed in the other thread about loyalty etc.
    Having a spy lord do some work for you is great, but once he has too many underground contacts and dirty info on you, he might be persuaded for some real cash (like, a LOT) to turn to the other side, or to try and upset your nation or simply to break off of your community and become a rogue nation.
    This could even be a 'sure turnout' for all who deal with these dodgy tactics (because you know nothing good could ever happen in the long term). In the beginning you deal with your thief for just some info, but after some time, or the more you consult him, his price will get higher because his power will grow, untill you reach a breaking point.
    Good on ya'!

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    A Thieves Guild that provides services for the right coin would be interesting, e.g-

    Intelligence- For 100g, see the stats of enemy faction (unit numbers, treasury, magic research etc). Elves could have a bonus to this.

    Insurrection- For 250g, have a target enemy city lose one population to rebel status. Lasts 20 turns.

    Theft- For 500g, attempt a theft of an enemy magic item. Base chance is 25% with modifiers like whether hero wielding it is in your territory, whether it's in a city etc.

    Assasination- For 1000g, have an enemy hero struck from this world. Base chance is 20% with modifiers like above. Dark elves could have a bonus to this.

    Guilds could level up the more you use them giving better chances to succeed in tasks. Requires investment though. Certain races have bonuses to certain activities.

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    A thieves guild could be an interesting world feature. It must go into the "think" pile

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    how's about the ninja actions from Total War Shogun 2? They could sabotage enemy buildings so that they could not be used until repaired, sabotage enemy armies so that they could not move for a turn and took a small amount of damage, assassinate enemy leaders, or gather economic or military intelligence. They could also detect enemy ninja/ rogues. Their success chances also increased with level, with different chances to escape, escape undetected, or get caught.

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