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    This post is to answer a number of questions that have been asked about Worlds of Magic. The post will be edited as we receive and answer more and more questions. They've been sorted into categories to make browsing them a little more convenient. (Obviously some questions fall into more than one category. I did the best I could with the sorting, lol.)

    “Will the AI cheat?”
    We have no plans to make a “cheating” AI. That is to say, they will only have in-game advantages at their disposal. We hope to offer players the challenge of facing unique AI opponents that use a variety of tactics to achieve victory rather than “production bonus” monsters that “Zapp Brannigan” the player with wave after wave of base units.

    Cities/Economic Infrastructure:
    “Will there be roads/farms/mines/etc?”
    Players will be able to build roads. Farms are an integrated part of cities. In MoM fashion if you want more food you will assign more farmers to the task rather than building more farms. Mines are a city structure that can be built to take advantage of mineral resources.

    “Will settlers be improvable over the course of the game (I.E. if you establish a city in the late game, is it totally useless)?”
    This is an interesting question. For the moment we are following in MoM's footsteps and having settlers always found a “useless” city This may change with play testing.

    “Will there be resources in the game, other than Gold/Hammers/Crystals/Mana?”
    Yes. However, not all resources will be used by all races. We will be providing more information on this in time.

    “Can you cut down/replant forests?”
    All sorcerer's in WoM (both player and AI controlled) understand the importance of maintaining renewable resources in order to protect the environment and preserver the natural order. (Even if they plan to destroy the universe at some later date.) As such a flawless system of select cutting and meticulous replanting ensures that all forest tiles are never deforested. (This, of course, does not include wizards who tactically remove forests with the appropriate magic.)

    D20 System:
    “How are the complexities of the D20 System going to be included in WoM without overwhelming the player?”
    This question has been asked in a variety of ways. The answer is simply that most (if not all) of the D20 complexities will be hidden from players that have no interest in them. The background mechanics of why spearmen are a poor choice when facing skeletons will not be important to some players. The fact that they ARE a poor choice will be apparent to all. When one unit attacks another a number of “rolls” will be made to determine the outcome of that attack. Only players who are interested need take a look at the combat log.

    “Will there be any attempt at espionage/religion/logistics/other non-combat ways to get ahead?”
    There will will be non-combat victory conditions. We will reveal more in time.

    “Will you be able to trade maps?”
    This is, as of yet, undecided. It hinges on other factors integrated with diplomacy.

    “Are the heroes going to be capped (at level 20)?”
    There are two “tiers” of hero: heroes and champions. Both will have level caps. We have tentative caps in mind, but play testing will provide the final answer.

    “Are the heroes going to have classes that give them generalized abilities (like Rogue Talents, etc)?”
    All hero classes are derived from D20 classes. Some “ generalized abilities” may make their way into WoM.

    “Are the heroes going to be pre-genned/automatically created, or built by you (or a hero creator bolt on)?”
    Yes. There will be pre-genned heroes developed by the devs and there will be heroes procedurally generated under certain conditions. We also intend to develop a “Hero editor” that will allow the player to add his own heroes to the game. (The editor may have to wait until DLC.)

    “Will heroes have their own spellbooks, or will they mostly follow yours?”
    Heroes will have their own spellbooks, but may be granted access to your sorcerer's as well.

    “Do Heroes have souls which can be resurrected/bound to your will/put in gems on a shelf in your castle?”
    Heroes do have souls and, under certain circumstances, can be resurrected or “trapped”.

    “Can you torture enemy heroes/units for map information?”
    Torture is against the Geneva Conventions, but you may be able to get certain information from enemy heroes in other ways. (This is still a matter of open debate.)

    “Can heroes who are too powerful go rogue and break into your tower and attempt to murder you/Force you to let them have cities?”
    Maybe. For the moment that is all we have to say

    Neutral Cities:
    “Will there be neutral cities/Kingdoms that are not trying to cast mastery on everyone?”
    Yes. Some neutral cities will be focused on minding their own business.

    “Will there be variable lengths of game? (Marathon/Epic/Fast, and so on)”
    Almost certainly. What this will entail exactly is still undecided, but the concept has full dev support.

    “Will there be an 'Advanced Start' Option?”
    There will be a number of advanced new game options. The number we are aiming for is somewhere near “dizzying”.

    “How large (in estimate) would the different maps be?”
    It all depends on play testing. The terrain generation engine we've developed can handle map sizes in the “Ridiculous” range. (We are talking millions of playable tiles. Literally.) The player is going to be able to make micro and macro games depending on his desires.

    “If you create a portal to the X plane, does it map to a predetermined location or can you choose it?”
    This is still very much up in the air at the moment. However, it will probably be mapped to an area of your choosing.

    “If you create a portal to X Plane can you make a portal directly next to that back to your plane, as a wormhole thing?”
    The mechanics controlling the inter-connectivity of the planes is not set yet. It may be that you can build a gateway from any one plane to another. It may be that only certain planes “touch” and gateways can only bridge those planes. (If I had to bet on one of the methods I would bet on the second.)

    “Will different planes have different music (I hope not, hearing the first 5 bars of a tune every time you click on a plane would drive me mad!)?”
    I would love to have a different musical score for each plane. However, we'll want some “blend” mechanic so your brain won't explode. (Like starting a tune appropriate to the plane you're currently on, but playing it to the end no matter what.)

    “Will building on a different plane unlock different units?”
    Possibly. It may also “unlock” certain unit enhancements.

    “Will the paradise plane have a God who bosses you about?”
    Nope. The gods will be too busy with their every other thousand year poker game to interfere with you mere mortals (and semi-mortals and demigods. Hades has a pair of threes and is trying to bluff Quetzalcoatl who is holding a full house. I think he may actually fall for it...)

    “Will it be 'Every race is totally different' or 'Every race is basically the same, with differences'?”
    Some will be very different. Others will be mainly the same with minor differences.

    “Will all the monsters be monsters, or will you find towns of monsters with baby monsters and women monsters?”
    Monsters are monsters. Some races might be considered “monsters”, but are not. The dividing line is a combination of intelligence and sense of community. For instance Minotaurs may make end up being a race. If they do you will run up on Minotaur towns. Grick have an intelligence of 3. They don't have towns. Dragons don't like living in dragons metropolises. They don't have towns either.

    “Will there be strategic level spells (+1 Hammer per person in all/one/capital city?)”

    “Will spells cost more the further from the Sorcerer they are?”
    It depends on play testing. At the moment I am leaning toward “no”. The universe is just too big. Players would be building towns to move their citadel to just so they could cast spells at another town without burning up all their mana. I feel it's overly complex.

    “If you summon units in battle, will they disappear after the battle?”

    “Will units be summonable outside of battle?”
    Yes. (And they will serve you for mana per turn.)

    “Can you fire fireballs at bridges (and other tile improvements), from your tower?”
    You will be able to blast certain improvements with certain spells from the safety of your tower.

    “Will the spellbooks be indecipherable, or will you be able to focus your research?”
    You will be able to focus your research.

    Tactical Combat:
    “Can you run away from battle?”
    Yes. You may suffer losses, however.

    “Does losing in battle mean your army/heroes are destroyed, or will there be survivors?”
    A battle isn't lost until there are no survivors. (Or someone runs away.)

    “Will some tiles give combat bonuses?”
    The “tile” where the battle takes place on the world map will effect combat. The “tiles” within the tactical battle map probably will not. (Play testing.)

    “If Tactical Combat is taken up, will you always start on the same side of a river/there will always be a bridge?”
    This is still undecided.

    “If you are in a fort, will you start in a fort/have the option not to give battle?”
    Much like in MoM your units will be in the “fort” at the beginning of the battle.

    “Is there going to be a "mid-battle auto" feature like in MoM?”
    Yes. There will also be a auto-calc from the world map.

    “If my capital gets captured, do I lose my Tower/the game?”
    Much like in MoM you will have the opportunity to make a comeback.

    “Can we turn off some victory options?”
    Yes, all but one.

    “What about features/options for finishing the game more quickly late-game? Super spells, weapons, additional win conditions, game-changers, etc?”
    There will be a number of late game “game-changers” that will potentially allow you to get a decisive edge and quicker victory over your opponents.

    World Features:
    “Will there be late game monsters genned from the start?”
    Our current plan to to generate all monsters from start of game. (Excluding, of course, monsters generated due to random events.)

    Your Sorcerer:
    “Can my Sorcerer go out into the world wearing a cloak and pretend to be an ordinary person and then leap out and zap an army to bits?”
    More than likely, no. However, we're always open to ideas.

    “Are you the ultra-sorcerer with peasant slaves, or will there be an option to be less tyrannical?”
    Tax rates will allow you to be slightly more or less tyrannical. We may add other options as well.

    “When's the beta?”
    You know, I would love to tell you

    “What will the music be like?”
    It will be composed of complimentary notes. For the moment that's all I can say.

    “Will there be cutscenes like in MoM? (For discovering spells/defeating your enemies)”
    We want them.

    “Will there be cake?”
    It's a valid request. Let me ask around.

    “Will there be Wonders?”
    It's a firm “Maybe”.

    “Will there be Goody Huts (and Microplanes, or just one, or the other)?”
    There will be goodies all over the place (and micro-planes). Of course, most of them are guarded by something nasty.

    “Will there be a Throne Room/Palace/Bookshelf/Jar(for enemy wizards)shelf, which has no real impact but is fun to have?”

    “Will there be 'I love the King(Sorcerer)' days/years/turns?”
    We'll consider it.

    “Can you build cities using a race different from your own (say you capture goblin city, which builds goblin settlers)?”
    Yes. Depending on several factors. But, yes, it will be possible.

    “Will there be impassable tiles?”
    “Impassable” is such a strong term.

    “Can you fly over them?”
    If there is air and you have the ability to fly you can fly over things.

    “Will spells have quotes (read out by Leonard Nimoy)?”
    Leonard is probably busy at the moment. Is anyone willing to call him and ask if he can find the time?

    “Will the game be moddable in any serious way?”
    We're open to the idea.
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