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Thread: Battle Board Size

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    There will probably be creatures that end up covering multiple tiles. Like dragons for instance. It's hard to convey the idea of a “great worm” on a single tile, lol.

    I am currently leaning toward using different sized boards for different situations. Currently we're playing around with something in the medium-large category. It's easy to make bigger or smaller, so I think we can use that to our advantage and make crypts feel small and overland battles much larger. Play testing will tell us more.

    We will discuss weather and seasons a little more a little further down the road. It's not that I don't think it's a good fit, I just think it's squarely in the expansion/DLC category. Both could clearly make battles (and certain things on the world map) more interesting. We just need to get the foundation laid before we can take a real look at it.

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    How would the battle board be possible on mobile devices without scrolling?

    I know mobile devices aren't confirmed yet, but just wondering since android or XBox are the only platforms I'd be able to play it on...

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    Some of this stuff is going to need tweaking here or there. Obviously, if we support mobile devices (which we would like to) we may have to add scrolling. It's easy to add (click, click) it's just not something I like for the PC version. If we have to add it to get it on the android, so be it.

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    So long as the combat has a MoM-style "draw" turn limit, why have boundaries at all? You'd still need to carefully consider starting distance, but what's wrong with immediately turning around and running for it? You'd need a couple edge cases, like "if units haven't engaged in 5 turns, and/or no units are within X tiles of each other, it counts as a retreat", and "attacker wins if no defending (destructible) units are actually in the city", but it doesn't seem that complicated.
    This would obviously involve scrolling, but that's always been pretty normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodai View Post
    Taking that to the next level what about seasons on the world map?
    It would be really cool if there were like arctic poles, a always hot equator (jungles, deserts), and then large northern and southern temperate zones that had seasons. Not sure what the time scale is but lets say each turn is roughly a week so every 52 turns a year goes by. In the winter lakes and rivers could freeze in the temperate zone allowing units to walk over them, leaves on the forest tiles could change and fall off, etc. If the tiles are going to be changeable via magic anyway (use a spell to freeze a tile) then it hopefully wouldn't be too much work to have some automatic change go on as the seasons change. Of course these changes would be reflected in tactical combat as well.

    "winter is coming"... love it! Lol

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    I'm not sure if we are officially voting here... but if we are, definitely count my vote in favor of different sizes for different battlegrounds. I'd also like to see differently SHAPED battle boards, reflecting the geography of the particular world map square in which the fighting is taking place. How would the Greeks have managed at Thermopylae if the Hot Gates were a 10x10 grid?

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    Honestly I think the bigger the battle board can be..the better.

    With that said, yes different sized boards for different circumstances is the best. Honestly I think the battleboard should reflect whatever landscape is being attacked at best. if you want to go a little further, have the attackers come in from an area that slightly reflects where they came from.

    It'd probably be a bit more work..but at the same time you can use it to really drive home those units that get a bonus in various areas, how? By making it so they somehow are better in various handled landscapes.

    Oh this unit fights better in forests is one thing.

    Oh this unit can move through the forest wall tiles on a forest battle map, that's handy. And this one is capable of fireing ranged shots through such tiles (or dosn't suffer a penalty from doing so). Hey this one becomes invisible to the enemy when moving through the bush ground types on the map.

    Now those..those are a different thing altogether (and probably a pain in the butt to program in so I understand them not being viable..but just saying!).

    While I think we'll need to really playtest battles to see how it does. A decent starting point is probably 15 tiles, with each army having 3 empty tiles 'behind' their front line. (So that gives 7 tiles in between in order to move, setup, cast buffs..whittle down with magic, etc). If you give too little starting room, ranged arn't as useful, too much and they become too'll prob take playtesting to find that point.

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    We plan to do a fair amount of play testing with this. You can pretty much count on various board sizes.

    Also, there is going to be a retreat mechanic. Basically if you can get a unit to the "edge" of the battle board it can retreat. If we do reinforcements (and the current lean is toward doing just that) they will join the battle from your "edge" of the board.

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    Keep it big and beautiful.

    I suppose you could do larger maps when there are large creatures in the field. I just want you guys to be able to show some nice big pretty monsters and give them a bit to move around.

    Titans, air elementals, aforementioned great wurm, any multi tile creature and units with large move distances could make the board a bit bigger to accommodate.

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    15x15 seems like a nice size even for the starting armies, with maybe 20x20 for sieges. I'm not sure if any bigger sizes are needed but it depends on how much battlefield features (single-tiled or multi?) there are and whether manouvres are possible like-

    Flanking- When an enemy has one of your units in an adjacent square, all attacks made from another adjacent reduce flanked unit's defense by 30%. Units such as cavalry with the 'Flanking ability reduce it by 50%.

    Rear Attack- When an enemy unit has one of your units in an adjacent square, any attacks by friendly units on the directly opposite adjacent square to the enemy reduce the rear-attacked unit's defence by 66% and cannot be countered.

    If not then a smaller grid size is all that's needed.

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