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Thread: Battle Board Size

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    Tactics!!, its all about the Tactics!!. I like it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackblade View Post
    You have to remember that spending the first time moving your units into proper position takes just as long as placing them yourself on the before battle.
    No, because with setup you are spending time BEFORE the battle begins so the amount of time being spent is greater than the amount of time in the battle. If there is no setup phase then you opponent can start shooting at you RIGHT AWAY (if they have a ranged units) and there is no time in addition to the battle. You're right slow units might not be able to make it to where you want, it might not be worth moving them to this position or that in the heat of battle. Those are the decisions you have to make in combat. I don't believe MoM let you set up before a battle and people still managed so I'm just saying I'd prefer to keep the speed of MoM in this case. You are free to disagree of course but I don't see how you can say both options take just as long.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blackblade View Post
    Also like I said if time is an issue just let us change the order of units in the stack and have that determine where they are at the beginning of the battle. Something like the first four slots are the front row and the last are the back row. A little control is enough for me (but full is even better).
    I prefer this option to a setup phase. I'd still just as soon let the computer auto the ranged units to the second rank and melee units to the front, maybe even put slower units in the middle and faster units toward the outside, or some such automatic logic but if you want to manually tweak your stacks then I'm fine with that. Also if it's done by stack you only have to do it once hopefully instead of doing a setup phase for each battle with a stack whose makeup isn't changing.

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