Alright, this is another subject I've been wanting to talk about. The magic system in WoM is going to include two types of “overlap” spells. One is combo-spells that combine two spell effects like “Flaming Grease” which combines Produce Flame and Grease. The other is cross-circle spells which is the topic of this post. The idea is that most of the circles touch (except life and death which do not) and certain spells belong to two or more circles. For instance Lighting Bolt is a combination of Air and Water. Tornado might be Air and Earth. You get the idea. What I want is suggestions on how to flesh out this idea and sample spells highlighting proposed combinations. Also, I am considering having certain spells require different levels in different circles. So, you might have a spell that is “two parts water, one part earth”. I'm sure you have the concept.