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Apparently the term "golem" is being used here to mean any animated construct and in the case of a faction of them they would be intelligent.
As such the golem is for all intents and purposes the magic robots of a fantasy setting.
Sure at some point they needed to be created by something but that could have been long ago.
A golem "settler" would be a unit that is able to move and setup a manufacturing plant at a new location to start building golems.
Saying that every golem has to be made by a "mage/creator" is like saying sentient robots couldn't make other sentient robots, sure they could.
If golems can cast spells and think and build then I see no reason why they couldn't build more golems.
For golems settlers, engineers, and priests could all be mixed together in various ways since they don't heal, they get repaired, they don't settle, they build manufacturing plants, etc.
I'm not a really a fan of them as a faction but I see no reason why they couldn't work. Having something that doesn't use food, requires mana of unit upkeep, etc. does add an interesting mechanic though in my mind it's not all that different from what is already offered by the undead.
Ok, I see where you are going now.
I however, was thinking more of a faction that would have three types of units in it.
The first type would be the "mage" type of unit, which would be the creators of the golems.
The second type would be the "supply" type of unit, which would gather the resources for the golems. Though, I guess these two could be combined.
The third type would be the golems themselves.