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Thread: Loose The Locust Of War

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    Both very cool ideas!

    Happerry, I think your idea has enough flavor to make the race interesting.

    Tiavals, the idea is dripping with flavor. And, of course, some serious changes in game mechanics. I think we could certainly do it, but it will take some work. Of course, the reward would be a VERY different play style. We must consider this

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    Insecta Race
    My take is they are a unique (alien) sentient insect race whose appearance is similar to a hybrid between what we know as wasps/hornets and ants. The idea being that the type of food fed the larva determine what role it will mature into.

    At the top of the heirarchy are a few breeding females which would represent the top tier units. The breeders would naturally want to keep their numbers down so they can remain in power. But sometimes those pesky builder drones make a breeders nursery and sometimes the pesky nursery drones just decide to create another breeder (both actions controlled directly by the player). When there are too many top tier units in relation to lower tier units factionwide unrest goes up. This mechanic is one of the synergies the insects have and is the beginning of their unique playstyle.

    Yes, that's right, the Insecta have males for the menial jobs as well as for breeding. (Which is why they build/feed what they're not supposed to once in a while.)

    The actual military units created to be moved around by the player are obviously abstracted from what the real population mix would be. In this cultural description, obviously there are a few breeders behind the scenes on turn 1. The military units would represent the "extra" population that are sent out for expansion, cultural defense, whatever.

    If the "too many breeders" problem creates a revolt the revolutionaries will simply pick up their sections of the city (hive) and relocate as neutrals. (As opposed to normal factions battling it out on the spot.)

    Insect cities (hives) will not grow or behave like humanoid factions. Each square of the city on the strategic map will be its own sub-hive and be able to house a limited number of what would be buildings in a normal faction. (Playtesting would help to answer how many, possibly just one.) This mechanic of building creation makes the revolution described above something the player would want to avoid at all costs. The city growth model also brings up the question, how do we represent growth in game terms? Do we simply abstract population growth and say one building per square and there is no in-game growth stat? Or is there an in-game growth stat and the insects are limited to how many buildings they can have based on how many squares the hive has grown into?

    Social insects don't like relocating, but they can do it if pressed. The hive will be able to pick up and move, but at a cost. Exactly what, I'm not sure yet.

    Being that they fly or have 6 legs they can't take advantage of roads, but their ground units only use 1/2 the movement points of a humanoid race. Also, being so in tuned with nature they have an ambush/camoflage combat bonus on the PM plane or any terrain on the other planes which are similar to PM terrain. I see it as a first turn initiative bonus which increases with how rough the terrain is. I know initiative is still in the air...

    In general I'm thinking the Ant type units have a tough natural carapace which is high in damage resist. The Wasp/Hornet type units will have considerably less damage resist. All units will have fewer HP than their conterparts in humainoid factions.

    I'm more invested in the culture and the game mechanics involved. The faction units are very loose as far as I'm concerned, so suggest away.

    Unit List
    These first 4 may be built with the hive core.

    Proto-hive - settler type unit; once settled, has to build up for several turns just like MoM settlers did before it's a viable city

    Worker - Ant features; basic cannon fodder; bite attack

    Warrior - Ant features; larger than Worker; medium inf type with forged/crafted weapons

    Interior Guard - Ant features; Slightly larger than Warrior; heavy inf type with forged/crafted weapons and crafted armor to add a little more staying power

    Yellowjacket - Hornet features (flying); needs a hornet nursery; Agile and fast with multiple attacks per round; Yellowjackets don't want to die, but they refuse to yield, fighting to the death; dual wield daggers and poisonous sting

    Wasp Sentinel - Wasp features (flying); needs a wasp nursery; average speed; the Sentinels are the early warning units / scouts of the Insecta relying on their flying to keep them out of trouble; they have learned to use a shortbow and can sting in melee, but the sting is not near as potent as the Yellowjacket

    The Breeders have learned various professions from the strange 2 legged soft-shells through observation, trade, etc... They are extremely intelligent and can harness mana innately. All Breeders need a bredder nursery.

    Scornet - Hornet Sorceress; particular affinity for Nature spells

    Dervish - Hornet Monk; particular affinity for speed related abilities

    Evangelist - Wasp Cleric; particular affinity for charm / purification

    It's late and I'm tired. I haven't given much thought to their economy or what kind of 'buildings' they should have yet. I wanted to get this version of Insecta out there for comment.

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    Meh. Not a fan of bug people. I'd put them below golems, and I don't even like the golems all that much.

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    Lol. This is why we have the faction primaries.

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    By the way, there is an interesting discussion on Klackons in original MOM doing city spam / ant like mindset

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    So, I think the question is... what type of style do you want for insects... War, Production or Diplomacy. These three I believe best show off the strengths of the Insects. War would be the easiest to understand. Think of Army ants... Always on the go.. destroying whole swaths of land to fuel the hive. This format would be fairly straight forward considering some of the many great examples presented.... So how would production work? Lets take a look at Termites.... They build Massive colonies out of mud, pulp and what ever else is available. They mainly work at gathering plant material to farm. They would be great builders and strong defenders... They defeat many competitors by simply gathering all the resources before the others... then kill those that resist. They have numbers and strong defensive abilities to let them keep ground.... So now how would diplomacy work for insects? Well, Many forms of Ants will keep "Pets" or "Cattle" such as aphids. Imagine these insects come in and offer a better way of life in exchange for something that the others need or desire... be that protection or something they produce but has little value for the Hive. This symbiotic relationship would be very appealing to others... no one loses out and they both gain by mingling. It also doesn't hurt that the Insects are willing to spread a little pheromones to help keep the non insect races docile.... or a interesting blend of all three of these formats... A hard look at insects will actually support just about any option you want... I think the real question for an insect race is what you want them to be able to do. This will give the best direction for that race.

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    Dude, paragraph spacing please?

    And we've had three or so different insect cultures already mentioned on this thread.. any of them could be fun.

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    Although the idea you posted for the race is really interesting it is too much of a mindless horde nation for my liking. I really liked the Tri-Kreen mantis warriors myself. They look really awesome for one and they have multiple arms and are intelligent. As a bonus the MOM klakons kind of looked like them if my memory is correct. I would prefer these guys myself as the "ant" flavored hive mind seems like it would play like the Undead as others have stated. As for culture and special rules, I'm not really sure. I'm sure you could do some intereting things with creatures with 4 free arms but you need more than that. If others like this version than perhaps they will have some good ideas. Maybe base them off the insect guys from Raymond Feist books? It's been too long since I read those for me to remember much about them. Also Darksun had these but I never played that myself.

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    Ok, since it looks like Insectiods are going to win the 7th race slot I figure I'd offer up m unit list suggestion (plus this post serves to bump the thread back up).

    The inspiration behind this list is a combination of the ant-looking Klackons from MoM and the ant-looking Formian from D20 (notes names are primarily to denote function, we can come up with more flavorful names for the units if people actually decide to use my suggestions)"

    General appearance - Since insects have 6 legs the insectiods have 6 limbs as well with 4 being "legs" in a centaur-like fashion and the other 2 being "arms". Because of this centaur like setup their movement speed is typically 4 tiles so slightly more than an unarmored elf/human (3 tiles) but less than a heavy warhorse (5 tiles).

    General resistances - All insectiods have immunity to poison, petrification, and cold; and resistance to electricity 10, fire 10, and sonic 10

    Worker Insectoid - This unit acts as both the "priest" and "engineer" of the colony. They are small in size with low per character health but the units are comprised of 3x3 characters so have fair total health (9 characters combined). They aren't really meant for combat and each figure only has a low damage bite attack but again this makes a moderate amount of damage with the 9 attacks of a full strength unit. They have the "wall crusher"-like ability of an engineer as well as the "purify" ability of a priest unit. Also they can cast "cure light wounds" as their action to heal friendly units or harm undead similar to a priest and as an innate ability this does not cost mana. They have no other magic capabilities however nor can they turn or command undead.

    Soldier Insectoid - This unit is the primary combat unit of the colony. They are medium sized and so are in a 2x2 unit. They have a stronger exoskeleton than the Workers as well as spell resistance 18. They do not use weapons but have 2 claw attacks and a poisonous sting in addition to their bite.

    Insectoid Taskmaster - This unit is similar to the Soldiers except it gives up it's bite attack, has a stronger exoskeleton, higher spell resistance (21), and can dominate (Will save) up to 4 creatures

    Insectiod Myrmarch - This unit is the "ranged" combat unit of the colony. It is large and thus has only 2 characters per unit. It moves slightly faster than the prior insectiods (5 tiles) and has hands instead of claws so lacks the claw attacks of the solider while retaining it's bite and sting. It can also use javelins which they dip in the poison from their stingers. The exoskeleton and magic resistance continue to improve over prior units. They can also teleport and charm creatures (will save) at will.

    Insectiod Queen - This unit acts as both the magician and settler of the colony. It is large with only one character per unit. It can create new colonies like a settler unit. In combat it has a poison sting (not bite or claws) and can charm and hold at will (i.e. without mana cost) as well as cast sorcerer spells. The Queen is capable of flight at a fast movement rate (6 tiles). (For this I combined the Formian Queen and the Giant Wasp from D20... as with real ant queens once she creates a new colony she become immobile and actually feeds her wings to her first workers)

    Giant Stag Beetle - This unit is large with only one character per unit. It's an hommage to the Stag Beetle from the Klackons in MoM and serves as the siege engine for the Insectiods. As such it has a wall crusher ability and a strong exoskeleton but has only a non-poisonous bite for an attack and is slower then other Insectiods (2 tiles, similar to a dwarf or human in medium or higher armor)

    That's my starting point. I really like the "flavor" provided by making the worker the priest/engineer and the queen the magician/settler. The worker would be the base unit which gives the advantage of having a priest/engineer unit right from the start but the disadvantage is that they can't build settlers right away and have to wait to grow the colony (build structures) until they unlock the later queen unit. This unit is a flying, combat capable settler though. Linking building requirements to population size might be good a well and obviously they wouldn't pay taxes.

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    ooh, nice ideas Asmondi. I like them. then again I also like most ideas in this thread.
    ... okay insane suggestion time.

    what if the 'worker' and the 'Queen' had more different roles.
    Worker units are builders. the make settlements and towers and stuff.
    Queens, on the other hand, priduce units.

    See where i'm going with this?
    You start with a queen, who is a pretty low tier unit attack/def wise (due to slug-for-abutt status)
    the queen, lays eggs. Workers, Bee soldier and Ant soldier. (as example terms)
    Workers then build things around the queen, allowing the queens younf to evolve under certain conditions that change them into the different bug types.
    And you can have more than one queen.

    that way, attacks against other cites won't use catapults. You land some queens near them and spawn an army at theri gates. Naturally the queens are squishy as heck and can be taken out easy, reducing mook potential unless a hive is built around them to protect them, but it would make them very unique.

    Of course that is just an insane idea.

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