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Thread: Dead Men Walking (Undead Units)

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    Dead Men Walking (Undead Units)

    Alright guys, you know I've been talking about getting more information to you. Well, we're working on it. That and a whole lot of other things that have kept us working through the weekends for weeks now. (It's worth it though!) The wiki is moving along, but I decided you had waited long enough to see some of our more concrete plans. (Don't worry the concrete hasn't set up yet so there's still a chance for you to put your footprints in it. In fact, that's what this post is for.)

    So, we're going to start with the tentative undead lineup. I'll explain any I think need explanation. If you have a question just ask. And the starting undead lineup in order of combat capabilities is:
    Settlers (They need another name)
    Engineers (The undead race can think remember. They can use roads.)
    Skeletal Archers
    Deathweb - A huge, horrible undead spider. The deathweb attacks with a poisonous bite, and can disable opponents with its web attack.
    Huecuva - Heretics and blasphemers in life, Huecuvas are cursed with an undead existence in service to the gods of death. They fill the role of clerics in the Undead empire, using their spells to bolster other undead units in combat, or attacking foes with dark energy. Huecuvas can also spread corruption through the land, unleashing negative energy to consume a map tile. Corrupted tiles provide a boost to Undead cities but decimate resources in living cities.
    Bonestorm - The Undead army's siege engine is a whirlwind of bones and tormented souls, the dreaded Bonestorm. Animated by rage and hate, the Bonestorm seeks to destroy the living and add their bones to itself. The Bonestorm's fierce winds are strong enough to throw down city walls, and any living creature caught within its range suffers the physical assault of flying bones as well as soul-crushing unholy energy.
    Phantom Lancers - A full suit of armor and horse barding, animated by the vengeful spirit of a slain warrior, the Phantom Lancer exists only to do battle. Armed with lance and longbow, Phantom Lancers are dangerous enough with ranged attacks, but truly fearsome when using cavalry tactics.
    Arcane Wraith - Vaguely humanoid, but smoky and insubstantial, the wraith is a bodiless undead creature whose physical presence is a mere shadow of its former self. The disembodied spirit retains much of the mentality of its previous life, although often warped by hate and vengeance. The Undead empire harnesses this twisted mind, and trains the Arcane Wraith into a powerful sorcerer. One of its few weaknesses is vulnerability to sunlight.
    Spectres - Spectres are agonized spirits of murdered humanoids, unable to find rest in the afterlife. Their cold touch draws life essence from the living, and humanoids killed by this life drain may become spectres themselves. Fortunately for the living world, spectres are nearly helpless in sunlight and flee from it if possible.
    Death Guards - One of the ultimate evils, these undead knights are heavily armored, and powerful in both martial and arcane attacks.

    That is the tentative starting lineup in order or tier/combat prowess. Feel free to weigh in you have more flavorful suggestions.

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    Rats - weak in combat but problematic to destroy in conventional way (killable with one hit, but there are many of them). Better to use some area effect attack.
    Stealth. Special skill (in enemy city): causing plague, losses of foods.
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    Undead Rats? *Asked with a Dr. Evil tone of voice and a raised pinkie*

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    Settlers definitely need a new name, I'll think on that.
    Engineers seem a bit strange to me, I mean I don't really see undead building things (roads, buildings, etc.) and I'd think what bonuses they need from such things they'd pick up from their corruption mechanism. (move faster on corrupted tiles so don't need roads, etc.)
    If you plan on adding Drow (D20 flavor Dark Elves), even if later in a DLC, I'd really like to see them with the Spider theme (web, poison, etc.) so while I really like the idea of a Deathweb I'd much rather see it as something the Undead faction raises from defeated Drow spiders instead of a unit they just churn out of cities.
    I have no idea how to even pronounce Huecuva, rofl. Sounds interesting though.
    Bonestorm sounds interesting as well, I can't wait to see what that thing looks like in Unity. I wouldn't want to be the 3D artist in charge of that but if it's pulled off well it could be one of the most amazing looking units in the game. I would have just taken the "easy" out again and made like siege equipment out of bones, rofl.
    Kind of surprised not to see Ghoul/Ghast, Mummy, Vampire, or Lich but there are only so many slots I guess and you can't throw in EVERY undead, rofl.
    Overall sounds great though, can't wait to give them a play through.

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    We will think about the engineers. I think they fit (not that the name fits) because the undead are intelligent. Still, it could be more flavorful to go without them.

    If we pulled the deathweb out to save for later what would you like to see in it's place?

    I pronounce it "Heck of a" because anyone who saw it would say that was a "heck of a" thing, lol. Anyways, yes, they are cool

    I'm not the artists so I have no fear of bonestorm, lol. We'll see what the artists have to say soon.

    We only have so much room. More units will almost certainly be added via DLC.

    We plan to get people playing as quickly as we can!

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    In place of the Deathweb I think Ghoul/Ghast/Lacedon would be a good fit if I understand what you were going for with them. Ghoul Fever and Stench should provide a similar capability to poison and their Paralysis provides a similar capability to the web. Also if you're going to implement the "Create Undead" spell you're going to need to make them (or mummies or mohrgs neither of which are on your list) anyway. You have Skeletons and Zombies from Animate Dead and Wraiths and Spectres from Create Greater Undead but nothing from the Create Undead list.
    No objection here in getting the game into my grubby hands as soon as possible, rofl.

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    Yea, Ghouls and Ghasts are a good fit. With ghoul touch and nausea they have a lot of flavor.

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    How 'flavorful' are the undeads atm? I've always liked the kills generate new units mechanics of games like HoMM(necromancy), but this might be tricky to start out with.
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    I too hope that units killed by undead generate new units. I know both the Wraith and Spectre in D20 have the "Create Spawn" ability so I assume at least the two units based off them probably do. Zombies and Skeletons have no such ability though so EVERY undead unit probably won't and I'm fine with that but I'd definitely like to see it on some of the higher units. I'm not familiar with Huecuva but as spellcasters they may be able to cast spells to make new undead during battle (using the bodies of fallen enemies?)

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    Huecuva will be able to raise more undead units on the field. Certain undead will create spawn. And, of course, certain world spells may make dead units raise up as zombies or skeletons.

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