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Thread: Dead Men Walking (Undead Units)

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    “Summoning” Undead is actually going to work a couple of different ways. Some spells create undead rather than summoning them. You can create skeletons or zombies out of available materials. If those materials aren't available you can summon them from the shadow plane. Incorporeal beings always have to be summoned. You don't really “make” a wraith. You summon one. So, it really depends on the circumstance.

    I'm afraid giving base units “officers” would make them too powerful and/or too expensive. It's an interesting idea, however, and you will see undead units like Huecuva able to bolster other undead on the battlefield.

    I do see the point about the engineer... We have to think about it...

    Bone storm is unique, but it might be a little too unique for the average taste. It's one of the things we might put to a vote.

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    About the Bonestorm: sounds good and interesting, but... when I try to imagine it in actual siege action, it somehow falters. I mean, even the strongest bones are much weaker and brittle than the average stone and would just bounce off of or break on any normal wall instead of tearing it down. And a well-built wall can withstand some very strong winds indeed.

    So, while I do like the idea, I could picture it much more as a creature summoned with a spell (air + necromancy, for example) or perhaps "trained" normally, but usable only against other units and not for laying siege to walls.

    That walking "grave-elemental" someone described earlier sounds like a good alternative for an undead siege unit. Or another alternative could be a burrowing giant Grave Wyrm (or something like that), which moves underground and breaks down walls by digging out the ground from under them.
    Or it might even have a certain Sandworm-like flavor as those in Dune: erupting from the ground and swallowing any units above it, if they do not succeed in some sort a reflex saving throw or suchlike. Of course this would make it quite powerful, so it should also be slow and detectable enough in order to give most (except the slowest) units a fair chance of avoiding it.

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    About the Engineers: name could be something like Bonecarver, Bonemason or Bonecrafter - or, if we don't want to get that stereotypical with just bones, bones, bones, then try substituting "Bone" with "Crypt" or "Tomb" in the above names. Or how about Architects of the Pale Marble?
    (Come to think of it, when I first came up with this name, I merely meant it as a flavorful substitute for the all-too common "bone", but if we would take this literally, well... that could perhaps even make the Bonestorm work: maybe with some earth magic thrown in, the bones of the Bonestorm could either be transformed to actual marble or made to as strong and hard as marble, and then it could actually become a real danger for walls. )

    But back to the "architects", I don't see anything wrong with undead builders. (Planescape Torment, anyone...? ) After all, they - or at least their master(s) - are indeed sentient and do need to construct at least crypts, tombs and other structures for their sinister purposes, to summon their units, act out their rituals, etc. ... and besides, dark/gothic/grave/skeletal/etc. architecture art can be really impressive. Would be a shame to leave that out.

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    "Bonemason" has a nice ring to it IMO.

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    Undead Settlers ---> "Undertakers".


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    It probably should have been posted here...
    The Undead were taken by one of the Giant level Backers and are already mostly designed.

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