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Thread: Dead Men Walking (Undead Units)

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    Interesting ideas

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    ok let's talk of units for undead whych I love once again I'd say retain the classics even at cost of losing bows, undead don't need bows.. don't make them fight like normal factions, they do things their own way.:

    Undead Animals. (created usually with a 1st level spell in D&D, yeah they do exist! cheap and mindless cannot be used for labour can't earn xp)

    Basic mindless undead are often used for manual labour as well as fighting
    they good good resistances skelethorns against piercing and slashing and zombies against bludgeoning. work essentially as shock troops.
    Skelethorns. (basic unit! Mindless, Cheap, Can build like settlers or engineers. cannot earn xp)
    Zombies. (always needed! again mindless, cheap, can build like settlers or engineers. cannot earn xp)

    fighting types
    Ghouls. (who needs archers? in melee they can paralyze you.. unless you are an elf.. earns xp not being mindless)
    Ghasts. (strongers versions of the above.)

    Huecuva - Heretics and blasphemers in life, Huecuvas are cursed with an undead existence in service to the gods of death. They fill the role of clerics in the Undead empire, using their spells to bolster other undead units in combat, or attacking foes with dark energy. Huecuvas can also spread corruption through the land, unleashing negative energy to consume a map tile. Corrupted tiles provide a boost to Undead cities but decimate resources in living cities.

    okay those are good keep them. minded can earn xp too. you need these for the whole corruption thing.

    bone storms for siege engines? bah don't seems appealing to me.. there's a HUGE undead thing that is essentially a "walking graveyard" whych is essentially a huge semi-earth elemental composed of graveyard earth, tombs, and.. zombies! it can spawn zombies and even when wounded it can get zombies out. basically a walking siege engine with a nice zombie meat-support. I think it's way more evocative than a bone storm. this one is mindless tho and can't earn xp

    Again melee that needs to be protected with a solid shield of zombies first, but can be devastating since it has energy drain ability and can create spawns out of slain opponents. minded earns xp

    these are pretty powerful units, can drain levels are vulnerabile to silver (or mithril) and sunlight drains xp like wights and create vampire spawn (whych is less powerful than vampires but still good) minded earns xp

    tough tanks with disease attack that can wear down and kill the enemies eventually... minded earns xp

    Vassaliches (a lich is a too powerful spellcaster to think it's not at the lead there's a way to create more liches linking their souls to the owner philactery to keep them into control creating basically a vassalich a lich-vassal of a more powerful lich..)
    powerful caster units. minded earns xp

    Death Knights
    your death guards pretty much. minded earns xp

    I would keep spectres, ghosts, shadows and things alike, in the summonable list only since they are effectively also other planar beings and thus subject to banishment (even if only temporary in the case of ghosts).

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    I do think skeletal archers are a classic though

    Still, I see you point about the Bone Storm. I like it because it's different, but it might be a little too different. We need to give it a think.

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    I like the Bonestorm myself. It's a nice change from the expected Skull Catapult.

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    I agree with pretty much everything Kahn posted. While some new undead units would be cool I definitely like the tried and true classics. Also how are summons going to work with the undead race. In MOM all the undead units were summoned or you altered living units. Loved making werewolves out of normal units in MOM

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    Hmmm. This is cool stuff.

    I think someone mentioned a sort of corpse wagon; something that'll go around digging up the dead... maybe you could scavenge from fights other ppl had, or maybe go to various neutral villages, and, ala Igor, sneak inti their gravyards for more "recruits"?

    Ooh! Ooh! Idea!

    What if, instead of regular spell casters, each unit of skeletons, zombies, etc, lower lvl undead, had a necromancer "officer"??

    The officer could cast spells on his "platoon" like unholy frenzy, unholy strength, armor, etc. HE would be the recipiant of xp, not the "soldiers". Maybe an especially veteran officer could undergo a transformation to Huecuva, or a lich lite?

    Had me thinking of WC3 there.... maybe instead of road builders you just cast spells to corrupt the land, or a spellcaster type can corrupt it, and like the wc3 undead, you get moar movement outta that?
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    I like what khane suggested. I am against skeleton archer, undead should be more melee units. Only the most refined undead units can do ranged attack.

    Undead are by definition seeker of death and bringer of doom. Their goal is to destroy all life forms (or so it depends on the lore you want to put behind them). From there (they destroy life forms), they don't want to build, so the engineer doesn't fit. So they should only be able to corrupt and destroy.

    Ok just my cents. For balance, the engineer may be needed. But strong undead spells can be all the balance needed (zombie mastery is really a strong spell), Eternal obscurity too.

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    Skeleton Archers are nice and traditional. Not sure why you wouldn't like them.

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    I am guessing many people see the undead, like the Living Dead, Mindless creatures unable to wield a weapon. I know don't get your zombies in my fantasy world, but this is how traditions changes. For myself I could see it either way.

    Bonestorm reminds me of a Boss in Wraith of the Lich King.

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    -1 for the bone storm, just sounds a bit too out there, mostly because the undead have good options for big crushing siege units.

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