As part of my dishing out more information I've decided to put up our current-partial-tentaive spell list for the Destruction Circle. You may wonder what the point is of putting up a current-partial-tentaive list, but the explanation is simple. We want feedback before spells make the move from the tentative to the in-game list. We want suggestions to fill the list out, making it less partial. Then, of course, the current list will be updated. In the fullness of time the “the current list” will become simply “the list”. So, without further ado I present to you the current-partial-tentaive destruction circle spell list:

Tier 1:
Magic Missile
Produce Flame

Tier 2:
Acid Arrow
Sound Burst

Tier 3:
Stinking Cloud

Tier 4:
Flame Strike
Ice Storm

Tier 5:
Cone of Flame (Fire based “Cone of Cold”)
Cone of Cold

Tier 6:
Fire Seeds
Freezing Sphere (Cold based “Flaming Sphere”)

Tier 7:
Fire Storm

Tier 8:
Earth Quake
Incendiary Cloud

Tier 9:
Meteor Swarm

A few things I want to underline before you guys reply. First, this is a tentative list. So, we can (and probably are) going to change it. Second, it is a partial list. It is almost certainly going to grow. Third, these spells are things that can be used on the battle board. (Most destruction spells can be used on either the battle board or the world map.) We want to confine current suggestions to things that can be done on the battle board. So, although “Destroy Plane” might be a very exciting epic almost unfathomably powerful destruction spell, this isn't the post to talk about it as you wouldn't use it on the battle board.

We pulled our current list from the D20 spell list. An easy to use copy can be found here:

D20 Spell List

MoM's spell list is also a good source of inspiration. Of course, feel free to find your own sources or just make up spells from scratch.

Either way, we're listening.