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Thread: A Time to Destroy (Destruction Spell List)

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    We will have magic tomes, but at the moment we envision them giving you access to a certain spell or a new spell circle.

    As with MoM, we're going to give you a number of potential spells to research from. As you research the ones you have access to it will open new possibilities. We plan to give the player a little more control over the process then MoM did, but as with most things a lot depends on play testing.

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    I think random selection verses not random selection sounds like one of those things you could be able to choose in the game set up.. that way both groups can be happy.

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    Hmmmmm.... That is actually a fair point. I think it would be fairly easy to implement as well. We'll see how the people feel about it

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    I like the randomness in MoM. But like Happerry said, an option in the game setup would be great for the user to decide which experience he wants to live for his game.

    Anyway for me, the more spells the better.

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    How about "magical Vortexes" that can be summoned on the battlefield and them move slowly in a random direction? For example a Flamepillar could cover 4 tiles, do fire damage on each unit it touches and move d3 tiles in a random direction every turn.

    Also I would suggest to have a linear dependency between the damage direct damage spells do and their mana cost - this will also make the design of protective spells easier (this is rather obvious though).

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    I'll put in a vote for "Crumble" spells that would destroy a section of city wall.

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    Based on destructive element there might be (according to different sources):
    - Fire (Fire Bolt, Fireball, Fire Aura, Flame Strike, Fire / Incendiary Cloud), also some nice spells that rise volcanoes and summon meteors might go here, however Earth might be involved
    - Earth (Earthquake, Rain of Stones, etc.)
    - Water / Acid / Ice (Cold Bolt, Ice Storm, Acid Arrow, Cone of Cold, etc.)
    - Air / Electricity (Sound Burst, Shock Wave, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning)
    - Poison (which might be Death, not Destruction)
    - Arcane / Nether / Negative Energy (Star Fires, Magic Missile, Disintegrate, Cause Wounds) though for me Nether can cause some more vile effects, as aging, loss of sanity and so on.
    I intentionally mixed elements with damage dealing substance, since in most games for example Lightning belongs to Air spells and Acid to Water.

    Also there are some vile spells that affects blood (Blood Boil, Bleed) or feelings (Inflict Pain, Pain Transfer) though I think they also belongs to Death or Necromancy (something between Life and Death), not Destruction.

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    I'm good with just an option for it, but there definitely needs random spells. It made it seem like there was always new spells to learn, and even though i normally only got spells through research everything was ok. Like Elenar said, the more the better.

    I would love to spend some time dreaming up some destruction spells, but for now i just want to request a Cracks Call-like spell, since i used that so much.
    Malleus the Magician + Fang the Draconian = OP

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    Are some of these spells only usable by units? Spells like Produce Flame and Cone of Cold would at best require some modifications when cast by a sorcerer lord.

    As for the randomized spellbook, I kinda like it. I agree that making it an option is a good idea. Maybe it could grant a bonus to your end-of-game score, or an extra build point for your sorcerer lord.

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    Just wanted to jump in and say thanks for the feedback. I'm looking forward to putting together the full blown spell lists.

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