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Thread: Metamorphosis (Custom Races)

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    if i understood it correctly, we will get:

    1. races
    2. subcultures of the races with addons/dlcs or right away through stretch goals
    3. highly customizable sorcerors

    I agree with Aldadron that races should be fixed.
    I think making races customizable would result in too much thought put into balancing things.
    Personally i would prefer to have fixed subcultures as well.
    I like the idea from Kahn to allow for choosing some minor perks for pre definded and fixed subcultures though.e.g. like every subculture is allowed to choose from a few different starting perks,defined by the devs.
    Imo its enough to be able to customize the leader together with choices for starting hero and such.
    To me,customizable races are much more important and fitting to space 4x games .
    Usually these games are lacking Leader customization options because e.g. there is no magic system.
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