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Thread: Metamorphosis (Custom Races)

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    A small bit. Maybe make races point based, but enable players to raise the point cost or just ignore it if that is what they want. In general balance is overrated.

    Sometimes people just want to change a base race a bit to make them fit the players image of them. Other times it is cool to make your own from the ground.
    a cool idea for a generic custom race grafic, title, etc. could be changeling/shapeshifters. That would explain how come the same base race have so ever shifting talents.

    normal should still be there.

    oh yes. That is a really kewl idea.

    no. That way we don't have to think about balance.

    Yes, yes yes. . . Pleace :-)

    Give us the option. The more options the better. As long as they are hiden under an "advance settings" so new players don't get confused.

    spend it like you want

    best and worst totally.

    No limits pleace. Your undead may be the most hated things in all of the worlds, but maybe I want to make some "Necropolise" kind of undead that are quit diplomatic.

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    My opinion is that customizing things are what the Wizard is for. If you really want more then one version of the same race, a better way would be to roll with the suggested multiculture option so you can choose what culture your greenskin horde has, changing them up a bit.

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    Yes, to be frank, this idea has gotten almost no love... I still like it, but it looks like if it ever gets pulled off the shelf we're going to have to blow the bust off it before we start working on it, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happerry View Post
    My opinion is that customizing things are what the Wizard is for. If you really want more then one version of the same race, a better way would be to roll with the suggested multiculture option so you can choose what culture your greenskin horde has, changing them up a bit.
    I feel that making customizing races available often leads to too much thought put into balancing things,resulting in rather boring original races/playing then often feel more like a galactic scifi 4x game,which isnt what fantasy 4x is about.
    Personally i want to see totally unbalanced races "stat wise", then balanced by different unit tiers/costs/production times,different settler mechanics,different city mechanics,different magic income,different growth rates,so on...
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    Quote Originally Posted by daotaowp1 View Post
    Đúng cái mình đang cần, cảm ơn chủ thớt
    Convincing argument, Dao. Close the thread down, guys! I think it's clear as day what we should do now!

    Regarding custom races, I love everything custom. But I'd much rather lots of distinct races and sub-cultures. And I'd much rather have other custom things, like custom wizards and weapons and the like. It seems that the amount of work that would have to go into realizing the desired potential of custom races would be huge, and would be better spent elsewhere. I'd definitely place it in the DLC area. Maybe if I knew more specifics about what you'd imagine custom races to entail, then I could get a better idea of if it's worth the effort.

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    Lol. Anyways, I deleted that post. People love to sneak spam in.

    Well, we're going to have custom wizards and items. So that's a good start My idea for the custom races was something like what you had in MoO2. You could pick your racial abilities out of a box of choices. Either way, it looks like this is going to wait for DLC. We have a lot of work to do and this just doesn't seem to be a priority.

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    So when we where talking about militias I got this idea for race costumization. What about you had to chose the cultur and main type of goverment for your race? So you have a group A that is culture, a group B that is race and group C that is the way the race organize their goverment




    So you can play the noble elf kingdom, peaceful human empire, etc.

    Bonuses could look something like this:
    - Growth Bonus
    - Small bonus to troops


    - 1 rating of unrest
    + 2 militia rating
    + 1 militia rating and + 10% gold
    + 25% gold
    + 25% Research

    So a peacefull human empire would play very different than a warlike human kingdom.

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    I am a big fan of customization like that, but if WOM decides to use cultural factions as later DLCs, it will kinda make that sort of customization pointless. Not to mention if you can customize like that, it'll make certain "builds" "mandatory" in multiplayer(MOO2 multi had a few "best" customizations most people used). Then again, if you can't customize, some factions will be strongly favoured in multiplayer anyway, since they'll be considered the best.
    But if there will never be any cultural faction DLCs, then I'd definately want that sort of customization.

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    1.) Do we worry about trying to maintain balance? (This may seem like a stupid question, but it's not. Some abilities and benefits have genuine synergy bonuses when used together. You might have three bonuses that were each OK, but when put together were game breakingly powerful. I'm not saying we should pasteurize WoM with balance, I'm just asking the above question.)

    Make generic races, allow sub-races classifications and give them adjustments for them. (in the forms as subrace specific perks to choose)
    like this you can make "semi-custom" races being able to keep balance more easyly and at the same time give alot more options.

    2.) Should the custom race have custom graphics or just use one of the other race's graphics?

    I suggest to stratify things with graphics: for cities rarely people makes houses in very different ways from each other.. low barbarian things will do huts.. so all barbaric kinds of people will have huts orcs and humans barbarians makes huts the same way more or less.
    Subterrain races will inhabit huge stalactites and stalagmites. make a few race specific buildings for each race so you can have a giant dwarf statue for dwarves armong stalactites for dwarven cities

    for single units i suggest to rightfully give each unit their own stuff. Orcs are green humans are pink and so on.

    3.) If we just use another race's graphics should we keep the normal version of that race out of a game where you're using a custom version of it? (Should we have “standard elves” in a game where you've made custom elves? Etc.)

    think sideways, if you use custom elves change the houses depending on where they live.
    Give elves "forest dwelling" to make tree houses.. if they live underground make the graphic be stalagmite houses.. if they live on plains go with normal housing.
    Do plains housing of 3 kinds 1) barbarian huts 2) woodenhomes 3) stone houses for the 3 levels of technology and place the elves to have at best wooden homes, not because they can't do them in stone but because they don't really like stone. While dwarves has always stone stuff.
    Basically keep 4-5 kinds of graphics and work in combinations basing on the races attributes.

    4.) Should the AI be able to use the custom races you've made? (I'm running with the idea that if custom races make it into the game you'll be ale to save them to the race pool.)

    I have no knowledge of AI problems in programming so can't answer this sorry.

    5.) Do we allow custom races in tournaments? (We haven't talked about tournaments yet, but I think they're a cool idea. With standard multiplayer games the “house rules” switch will allow you to turn on or off custom races, so that's no problem.)

    Keep general balance well and you should not have a problem with custom races.

    6.) Should there be independent cities of your custom race spawned in the game?

    that would be very cool! would add LOTS of flavour to the game.

    7.) Should custom races in the pool end up in a game even if you're using a standard race? (Should we provide a switch for that option?)

    Yes, and definitely YES. a switch on-off for that is good.

    8.) Should combat and non-combat bonuses be kept separate or should you be able to spend all your points on just one or the other?

    separated. the more you separate things the more control you have over them, divide et impera!

    9.) Should there be any limit on the number of negative effects you can take or should you be able to take them all and make both the best and worst race in history.

    Point limitations. Then an option for a custom overpowered game where you can just do what the hell you want ignoring limitations. a sort of cheat mode.

    10.) Do we put a story limit on some bonuses. (You can't choose Undead and Diplomatic, or whatever.)

    on the fact that undead can't be diplomatic there might be some debate.. ok, dwarves, elves, and generally good aligned people shuns undead but dark elves?... illithids?.. really?..
    "hi I'm the powerful lich of the undead city next door dear dark elves, i'm a wizard I have fearsome powers and a limitless army of undead slaves, i heard you got a surface elf war-problem, need a hand?" "okay we send our archwizard whych is also a lich to write down the details of the alliance"

    .... really? I say undead has no diplomacy with any race aligned with good.

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    I think WoM should follow Endless Space example in this case.

    So to create a Custom Race you should first choose one of the fixed races, for example the Undead. The undead would give you it's graphics and their basic mechanics (no gold from taxes, mana consumption, units, etc). Then you would choose from a big list of abilities. For example:

    Production x worker
    Reasearch x worker
    Food x worker
    Grow (bonus or penalty)
    Unit combat (bonus or penalty to BAB and HP).
    City defense (more (or less) militia, cheaper (or more expensive) defense buildings)
    Unrest (bonus or penalty)
    Population gives mana
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