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Thread: More on Magic

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    Thanks for pointing that out, I see the point after rereading the Thread.

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    I love the idea of the circles but I see a design issue with the overall game play. I understand that WoM is to be designed so that a wizard with books spread evenly across 2 or more circles will be just as powerful as one with 9 books in one circle. Although I think this is a great idea in concept I think the implementation will be impossible, or at least very very difficult.

    The way I see it is you would need to design spells for someone specializing each of the circles. Say 2 very powerful spells, 4 powerful spells, 8 medium spells and 16 low level spells. This is a low estimate (I think it's probably very low but i like the powers of two thing), and would require 30 spells per circle. I think I read that there would be 12 circles, so 360 spells. Now is where it gets tricky - if I create a wizard with 4 books in one circle and 5 books in another I assume I get all low level spells and maybe the medium spells. But this wizard will not gain the powerful and very powerful spells from either circle, and to balance game play would need specific powerful and very powerful spells for each combination of circles, which is 132 combinations, for 792 more spells. If I split my books amongst 3 circles, I assume I wouldn't get the medium spells from any one circle, and would thus need not only very powerful, powerful but also medium spells also. This is 1320 circle combinations, with 18480 spells. For 2 spells books in 4 circles and one in another it becomes 166320 spells (medium to very powerful). These numbers shoot up drastically if you have more than 2 very powerful, 4 powerful and 8 medium strength spells.

    I don't personally see any way around this insane amount of spells while keeping the design idea that a wizard with books spread across circles will be just as powerful as one specializing in one circle. The only suggestion I would have is to limit cross spell design to two circles. Coming up with interesting top tier spells for each combination of two circles (132 combinations) would be difficult in and of itself. Trying to do it for combinations of 3 circles would be very difficult (I would say insane, but aren’t we all a a little?)

    I would also suggest that top tier spells don’t require all nine books in a given circle. If they require only 6 or 7 books then this would encourage players to spread out their books across other circles, or take disciplines. I for one am a big fan of disciplines, and liked that in MoM you could usually still get the really big spells even with one or two picks spent on things like warlord or artificer.

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    well, what about being able to have less points initialy to buy skills and spell book, but also be able to learn new circles and skills during game as research project (in age of wonders player can learn instead of spell a new skill, but no new spell spheres) instead of praying to get them by luck (RNG is nice to spice game but if it control just about everything except player movement unless under status effect - rng choose it choose it too- i wont axe to break it in pieces), dont have good enough internet conection so cant check demo to see how such random parts are done. extra skill and spell book which were in original rarely gained from nodes original and so will be probably here are nice but to rare and random to be reliable and usefull. of course some skills should be still available only in character creation like of course starting on specific plane to use non standard race, other skills need to be discussed.

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    With spells benefiting from all the circle to which it belongs is it possible to have an LVL 18 fireball by having fire and destruction at 9. Or even an level 27 spell for an spell belonging to three circles (like an lightning bolt with water at nine air at nine and destruction at nine).

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