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Thread: Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (The Dark Elf Race)

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    Another little bit for those not here in the early days.
    Originally the Undead faction had an undead spider unit called a Deathweb. I'm not sure how far they got in development with it but it was replaced by Ghasts (a swap I find more fitting) however another reason I would really like to keep the Spider theme for the Dark Elves is so that the undead faction can still create Deathwebs from the corpses of defeated Drow Spider summons (or possbily even Driders?!)
    They may or may not already have models and such for the Deathweb so I'd like to get it in the game.
    Just a random thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodai View Post
    Spearmen (basic warrior unit until you've built buildings to get better units)
    Nightblades (chain shirt, rapier, and light shield - I know this isn't as cool as the nightblades in MoM but since they use swords and have the Drow spell-like ability of Darkness I think the name fits)
    Drow Hand Crossbowmen (chain shirt, rapier, hand crossbow w/ poison arrows -- they need a better name)
    Driders (include in their spell books Summon fiendish medium monstrous spider, web, and invisibility)
    Witches (female-only, clerics using negative energy attacks, command instead of turn or destroy undead, healers, include poison and summon Dretch in spellbook)
    Warlocks (male-only, wizards include Summon fiendish large monstrous spider in their spellbook as well as greater invisibility and web)
    Blackguard or call them Nightmares as a tribute to MoM

    i am ok with a spider theme DE for the core game.
    I just think that a future subculture has to be considered if we are talking about units and unit names.
    To me ,a spider theme Dark Elven race consists of many poison units,for which Spiders and nightblades would be fitting,female spell casters and some kind of top tier unit.
    I just think that especially Warlocks and to a lesser extent Blackguards,would fit better to another culture of the DE...a culture very magic in Master of Magic,maybe even again with low tier units that have magic ranged abilties.

    In general though i like the idea of Blackguards as some kind of evil Paladins...even though Blackguards are kind of stolen from Warlords Batllecry 3,where they are the top tier level 5 unit from the Dark Elves...basically a decent heavy infantry commander unit with poison attack and invisibilty as special ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mardagg View Post
    In general though i like the idea of Blackguards as some kind of evil Paladins...even though Blackguards are kind of stolen from Warlords Batllecry 3,where they are the top tier level 5 unit from the Dark Elves...basically a decent heavy infantry commander unit with poison attack and invisibilty as special ability.
    I had no idea Blackguards were in Warlords Battlecry 3 having never played the Battlecry games.
    I got the idea from the D20 Prestige class here. I just thought it fit with the Demonic theme and yet was similar to the Nightmares from MoM in that it was a high end mounted unit. In D20 they do get poison use however they do not have invisibility. That said however as Drow (as with the Nightblades) they do have the darkness innate ability and Driders and Warlocks could cast invisibility on them.

    I'm not sure they need another high end unit but if so adding an Assassin would fit as well.
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    Just wanted to jump in and say that we're gearing up for the next race vote and Dark Elves look like they have a good chance to take it away

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    -shifts nervously-
    It seems these votes often go in a very different direction from the forum discussions... should be interesting to see how things turn out.

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    Well, now that both the discussions and votes are getting moved to the backers forum I think we are going to more predictable results. Of course, I could be wrong, lol.

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    The hard part will be to decide whether or not they keep their Magic Missile ability.

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    I love more standart races so dark elves are great! D&D or Warhammer style doesn`t matter, both will be fun.

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    Okay.. okay. I’ve been meaning to have a proper shot at doing one of these things for this group for a while and now I’m gonna do it.
    Introducing Cirno’s Chicken riding dark elves.

    Nah. I’m joking. I’m joking.
    In all seriousness, let us look at my idea for the Drow. Because I like calling them Drow and we haven’t had a big dark elf post since page 2.

    IDEA 1: All living Drow units produced by Drow must wear hats!
    I am a huge and slightly tipsy Touhou fangirl and I demand that these Drow, in their creation, be all wearing hats. All of them. Even the spiders, they can have spiffy top-hats. If the units don’t wear some form of head decoration, they will die. And that will be bad so… so we should avoid that.

    Idea number two: Slavery
    So we have these Drow, and Drow are infamous in lore for using slaves. That’s about it. Certain units can ‘capture’ or attempt to capture weakened other units and then take them away to be slaves and do things. Slaves could be their own unique resource if it isn’t something all races can do. The amount of slaves you have increases the happiness of your Drow as well, but decreases other races friendliness with you. Also tempted to suggested eating slaves should food become an issue.

    Idea three: Gods and Faith!
    Now, as I said. I am a Touhou fangirl, A fan of a series of shooting game that recently had a non-shooty game unleashed. One in which the characters fought for faith for their religion. Now. That’s what sparked this idea.

    What if the Drow had a faith bar dedicated to three different spider gods. What is the point of that, I hear you ask! Well each god provides a specific buff depending on how much faith (via temples and the like) they are getting. And you can’t just build all the temples and get all the buffs because the faith bar is a PERCENTAGE of total faith. It starts at 30% for each god, and then as each god gains more faith their section of the bar goes up and the others go down. This means that you will have to think about what you build… and may mean that Drow have a hella lot more buildings but what can you do other than find a way around it.

    So we have three gods, that I like to call:
    Lady Recluse, The broodmother and weaver of life. Lady Recluse is a big fan of spiders. In fact she supports swarm tactics using such tactics she will bless the spiders when her faith is high, making them strong and unlocking new features for them to use. Low faith in her means weaker spiders. She can also increase general drow birthrates

    Lady Weaver , the spinner of fates and the ties that bind. She is the builder/researcher goddess and grants buffs to those concepts. Things get built faster and all units spells become generally stronger, slave capture rates increase but the main bulk of the army is weaker. Except for the tarantula Armour, which gains a boost. Lack of faith means slower research and building and a weaker Tarantula.
    Madam Widow , Brewer of poison and the snapper of threads is more war focused. As a result she grants a buff. Faith in her makes the main humanoid army more effective, makes stealthy units harder to detect and increases the strength of any mesmerisation going on. A lack of faith in her would be awkward for it indeed.

    I figure faith amounts would be split 30/30/30 to begin with, making the faction equal in strength to others. The spare 10% can be increase by holding festivals, and will decrease over turns. Why is that useful? Because of how faith buffs/debuff work.
    0% -4% is a large debuff
    5%-10% is a moderate debuff
    11%-20% is a minor debuff
    21%-49% is on par with other factions relatively speaking
    50%-74% is a moderate buff
    75%-95% is a large buff
    96% - 100% is a superior buff
    Or something like that, I have not spent time thinking about the numbers. If you haven’t noticed, you can trigger a festival to weaken a debuff or overpower a buff.

    Cirno Idea 4. Units.
    Now I’m pretty sure that there are only 9 units spaces (I think) so if some of this a bit of a mess, blame my condensing all unit ideas into 9 units.

    Humanoid Units. The drow themselves.
    1. Slave labourer. Cheap, cost little to no food and are forced to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to building. How Nice. Shamelessly stolen idea from Hap’s chain gang. They can’t fight because having a slave with a weapon is a bit silly if you think about it.

    2. Crossbolter. These are men. They are armed with poisonous crossbows. They are also in possession of what appears to be Assless chaps and man-thongs that show off their firm buns and grant a moral boost to other Drow humanoids.

    3. Femme Fatale. Female Assassin unit, cloaked in the shadows in they exist to take out key targets, disrupt buildings, capture units and spread Drow Propaganda that can cause unrest in a city and even convert it into the drow’s side. Their armour could be more practical but what can you do.

    4. Ebon blades. Female Knight Units. They are dressed in very spiffy plate armour which is actually practical. No cleavage windows or absolute areas to be seen. No stupid indents for the breasts or bared midriffs, just armour that protects everything with the exception of their enemies. The best humanoid unit for getting up close and personal. Incapable of capturing slaves though.

    5. Spider Priestess. A priestess unit. See Hap’s concept for basic overview because I like it. Also come with a preach ability that helps cause unrest in other cities and maybe even convert them to your side, or just capture.

    Spider Units.
    These units mostly come from a building dubbed the ‘breeding pit’ and require slaves to in order to produce any of them. You can let your imaginations work out why. Have a special talent for walking over walls and can allow a single unit to ride them like a horse

    1 – Wolfspiders. These are large, battle ready spiders. They scutter and scamper and would be able to capture units with their webbing. Make for good shock troops that promote ‘zerg-rush’ tactics.

    2- Drider. Ah yes, the Drider. Infamous for being half-spider half-human. Sometimes seen as cursed, sometimes this is seen as a blessing. Regardless of this, the Drider is a dangerous spell caster unit, able to dish out, heal … oh, and capture.

    3 – Behemoth Spider. The giant spider is unlike most units so far, simply because it is the siege weapon of the drow. And the boat. Yes, this is a spider so big it can swim and store multiple units on its back.. What? You want more? Well this costly beasty has a very unique feature compared to other units. It can throw Wolfspiders. Seriously. Like an air craft carrier, this venomous monster enjoys a great range in throwing its tiny brothers and Sisters at foes, demoralising them with a rain of giant spiders.

    Tech based unit

    1. Tarantula armour.

    The Tarantula Armour is basically a really awesome suit of armour with eight-legs on the back. As it technically walks on these legs like a spider version of Doc-oc, the actual body suspended in mid air, it actually counts as a flying unit. Tarantula armour is less tanky than the Behemoth spider but makes up for it by having a higher attack. Think of it as a Glass cannon unit. They can be taken out with one or two low tier units but can one-shot some mid tier units from afar.

    So yeah, my basic-ish idea that I came up with while at work.
    What to do you think works?
    What doesn’t work?
    Do you actually like any of these ideas but feel they need refinement?
    Except for idea one, of course. Everyone should agree that Idea one is the best idea.

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    First of all, I must admit to not reading any of the 5 pages preceding this post. If some of this has already been covered, rehashed, shot down, etc, I apologize.

    However, I am very much looking forward to this race. Having been a fan of Dark Elves/Drow through several game worlds and systems, from Warhammer to Master of Magic to the Forgotten Realms and more, they are a favorite of mine. I think some of the common elements that are more or less universal themes running through those include poison, crossbows, slaves, spiders, matriarchal society and really powerful magic.

    So pretty much any attempt to capture most or all of those and I will be happy. Some of my own brainstorming ideas include slave hordes as a cheap unit with no armor, very little combat ability, and if there are no dark elf units remaining on the battlefield, they automatically flee/surrender. I’d also like to see crossbow units, that maybe later in the game can be upgraded to repeater crossbows. I’d also like to see a variation of the alchemists guild or maybe herbalist building or some such that adds poison to all non-magical, non-slave attacks. The cavalry-type unit makes sense to be a drider or spider-riding unit, that can maybe throw webs and maybe do better against terrain penalties.

    The matriarchal aspect is tough to include in this sort of game, but if you make some of the more powerful units display female sprites, that would work well enough. And of course, if you do a priestess unit, those would HAVE to be females…

    Hope that helps, and again if this has all been covered, I apologize. My time is extremely limited this week, but at the same time I wanted to contribute something. Hopefully it adds something to the discussion.

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    Oh, and also, I think if Dark Elves win battles of sufficient size, or take cities belonging to other races, then maybe they should get a slave unit or two for free, depending on the size of the battle/city.

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