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Thread: WoM And The Seven Dwarves (Dwarven Units)

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    probaly reason for forbiding tech is silly suggestions of gnomes and usually going too much in quantity of gears, clockwork and steam to be unbelievable.

    so some tech could go in it i guess like primitive guns (great damage but in game lower range because low accuracy of first guns and low ammo for huge reload, maybe 2-4 shots for normal units as archer more ammo for cannons as example of gun tech before playtest), but maximum is "little" under tarantula tank from wild wild west and mechanical dragon in heroes of might and magic 4 as some most extreme "don't do it" example?

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    I would like to second those voices against dwarven cavalry, boar-riding or otherwise. Their slowness is their racial drawback, their toughness compensates.

    Wizards are OK, but they shouldn't be as good as wizards of other races. It's just not what dwarves are known for.

    I do also like the idea of halberdiers.

    And to me, it wouldn't be a MoM spiritual successor without hammerhands, or a similar derivative. Maybe you could make a big warhammer weilding unit to take the place of the cav. Hammerhands were AWESOME in MoM.

    They should have good siege weaponry and artillery of some kind. Dwarves are, after all, master craftsmen in almost every fantasy setting they've ever been in. But cannons specifically I can take or leave. As long as they have good artillery options - maybe their catapults have longer range and do more damage than others, that'd be good enough for me.
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