This is another tentative spell list post. Weigh in with your suggestions. We really are listening to you guys and you are already changing things in the background. Eventually we're going to be able to open up the wiki to you guys so you can wander around and go “Hey! That was my idea!! I'm so awesome!!!” I really want to let you guys in, but we have been crazy busy the last few weeks. We're making progress on it, but it's a lower priority than some things. I'm sure you understand.

Anyways, the list runs thus:

Tier 1:
Luck (+4 on saves)
Mage Armor

Tier 2:
Resist Energy

Tier 3:
Wind Wall
Protection from Energy

Tier 4:
Death Ward
Break Enchantment

Tier 5:
Wall of Force
Spell Resistance

Tier 6:
Blade Barrier
Wall of Iron

Tier 7:
Spell Turning

Tier 8:
Greater Spell Resistance (A more powerful version of Spell Resistance)
Iron Body

Tier 9:
Mage's Disjunction
Immunity (Iron Body + Greater Spell Resistance)

Standard Disclaimer: The links to the D20 spell descriptions are for reference only. Most (if not all) of them need to be tweaked for WoM. They are obviously a few spells in there we created from scratch.

As always, jump in here with your feedback and suggestions.