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Thread: A Little News

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    It is OK to mention any game you wish, post images, links, information and even requests to back them.

    We are family friendly forum and would like you all to have good time here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodai View Post
    I don't really know if it's ok to mention other games in these forums, seems a bit odd to talk about one game in anothers forums, but since you mentioned it the Ultima "Spiritual Successor" is one of the two big projects I'm backing right now that I'd prefer if you allow to conclude before you start yours. Again it's not NECESSARY for me to back WoM but the more major projects going on at the same time the less money I have to devote to each one. I'm sure I'll be able to back WoM at some level in any case however. Both major projects are RPGs though so aren't direct competitors to WoM.
    I'm not backing any projects at the moment, could you not wait for Asmodai please?

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    All everybody needs to do is go get a second job for a week and back us with that one week check. It will be like a competition "How much can you make moonlighting in a single week?", lol.

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    I'm baking Torment right now, but I can squezze one more project. And watching Argentinas goverment actions, the sooner the better. They just increased a tax "retention" on payments with international cards of foreing countries from 15% to 20% (despite calling it a retention on the profit tax, they're not giving the money back...). What they really want is for us not to travel abroad or spend out money elsewhere.

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    That's no fun! Anyways, you have some time before we launch it. Plenty of time to dig through the couch for change

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