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Perhaps I'm missing something. If a player focuses on Destruction then they have to pay the distance penalty to cast in combat. If a you focus on summoning and you summon on a remote battlefield you pay the distance penalty as well. If you summon close to your capital then you have to first have the foresight to do so enough in advance to move your units to the remote battlefield AND you have to pay the mana maintenance cost all summoned units should have for the entire travel time
(or a bunch of mana to use a movement spell to get the unit to the remote battle). Either way if it's balanced properly the maintenance/travel cost should be roughly equivalent to the distance cost so there is no big advantage one way or the other... again, unless I'm missing something.
I think you are right, but MoM didn't charge you more mana when you summoned a creature far from your capital from your summoning circle, that could be changed however.

The other problem I see is that buff spells cast from the world map won't pay more, so that could be an issue.