I wanted to ask what are you guys thinking when it comes to the scalability of the magic system.

I'm a big fan of the d&d psionic Power Point system because is far more elegant, and functional, that the old vancian system. And the big problem with the vancian system is the scalability of spells. Most spells scale one way or another but the vancian systems limits the scaling to avoid making a level 1 spells the equivalent of a higher level spell.

For example Shield provides a +4 shield AC bonus and scales only it's duration. While it's psionic equivalent Force Screen let's you spend power points to also increase it's AC bonus making it usefull at higher levels while maintaining it's balance with higher level powers.

For this reason many low level spells become useless after a few levels and require a higher level version that does almost the same thing. So you end up with a game with both Sleep and Deep Slumber, that is the exact same spell but that affects 10HD of creatures instead of 4HD and is level 3 while sleep is level 1.

MoM avoided this problem by also scaling it's spells, you could spend more mana on Firebolt and it dealt more damage. Even so it had it's limitations, some spells could be upgraded further than others, some couldn't be upgraded at all.

So I'm curious about what approach are you going to take with WoM. I'm guessing that since you have mana you'll keep a systems similar to the one in MoM.