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Thread: The Little People (The Halfling Race)

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    Halflings were a good race in Mom in my opinion.. I think for purposes of variety not every race even needs high tier units. That was the tradoff with certain races in the original MOM. Besides.. Champion adamantium slingers with a few enchantments.. There's your high tier units

    Treants could fit plausibly according to lord of the rings lore however..

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    i always started with halflings on MoM. sometimes i would move fortress, sometimes i´d stay with them until the spell of mastery. not only were the slinger units totally badass, the boost received from their inherent farming really was a boon at gamestart until almost mid-game. i think the peeps that don´t like them for the strategy 4x undervalue their indirect benefits, for example - being able to concentrate the majority of the citizens of your dark elf city as workers to get that wizards guild built a lot sooner because you didn´t need so much of the populous to farm, and because there were more total citizens available to work in the first place because the halflings didn´t contribute to the rebelling faction.

    if they were included in Worlds of Magic however, i´d like to see them get some kind of rogue type bonus weather it be units with a sneaking ability (similar to invis?) or some kind of back-stab attack bonus.

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    I feel the halfling love increasing

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    So was thinking about Halfling while listening to Shiver My Timbers which made me start thinking about islands, and then, well.. got this idea.
    Island Savages

    : The lesser masses of the islander tribesmen can not afford weapons and armor of metal, so they go to war with hatchets of stone and shields of hardened hide and wood, but in their seething masses they make up for lack of strength and quality with sheer weight of numbers, willing to sacrifice themselves without hesitation, such is there fear that their chiefs will choose them to make an example of should they flee.

    Warriors with hand axes and shields. Cheap, weak, and comes in only one size.. Hordes.

    Savages : The greater warriors of the island tribes are commonly called savages by more civilized people, and are the main image that comes to mind when people speak of the 'savage tribes'. Armored in but animal skin and paint, and armed with two handed greatclubs, these screaming berserk smash everything that gets in their way.. and if something doesn't get in their way, well, that's when they change course so it is in their way.

    Barbarians with greatclubs and light armor. Second tier melee unit, prone to scream and leap tactics. Fragile but heavy hitting, and come in vast hordes of.. well, screaming savages. Of course, being halflings all their gear is a size smaller then normal, but they tend to solve that by just hitting you harder....

    Blowgunners : The Blowgun is a unique weapon, mainly used by the islander tribefolks, that uses lung power to shoot poisoned darts through hollow tubes at enemies. While dealing little damage in comparison to slings and arrows, the point of a blowgun dart is not to stab.. but to poison. And when battle comes, those tribesmen skilled in these exotic weapons will always be ready to bring agony to their enemies lives.

    Warriors with light armor and poisoned blowguns. The basic ranged unit of the faction, doing little damage but poisoning whatever they hit. As they don't depend on their weapons for their primary source of damage, they tend to take feats focusing around accuracy instead of hitting power.

    Stalkers : The Stalkers are some of the most feared tribeshalflings of the island, at least of those who don't have magic. They live apart from normal society, in the jungle wilds where only the beasts rule. There they learn stealth and savagery, poison and how to kick a man when he's down. Armed with daggers formed from the bones of their kills and infused with the poisons that they extract from the island vines, and using slings from which common rocks can be used as ammo, they are utterly self sufficient..

    And many times the only sign of them an enemy will gain is the slit throats of their allies.

    So, rogues with poisoned daggers and slings, giving a nod to the old halfling slingers. After all, backstab can be used with ranged weapons, and who doesn't enjoy large amounts of damage?

    Witch Doctor : These masters of the island arts of voodoo have captured the imaginations.. and nightmares.. of many. They are an iconic symbol of the savage, islands, with their crude and yet powerful magics, spears and masks of painted bone.

    The tales are true. The common tribesmen fear the Witch Doctors for good reason, and woe to the civilized mage who underestimates their patron spirits...

    Low level arcane units with poisoned spears. Uses the Witch Class from the pathfinder SRD and enjoys laying Hexs on people. Weak in direct shooting matches, but a capable support caster. And of course, poison doesn't care how strong the person using it is..

    Totem Pole : These titanic constructs of wood and stone are designed to both honor good spirits and ward of evil spirits. However, in wartime they have a second function.. with sufficient sacrifices from the Witch Doctors and sweet talking from the Spirit Talkers a greater Loa can be convinced to possess the statue, transforming it into a mobile juggernaut of horrific power, able to smash apart enemy walls with the same ease that it curses their souls.

    Melee siege unit and high level divine caster in giant statue form. Expensive, slow, and clumsy, but resistant to enemy magics and packs quite a wallop.

    Spirit Talker : Spirits have power. This is a truth known to all the islanders. And those who can talk to the spirits? Well, they have power too. The power to intercede for others, beg for their forgiveness if they offend something able to smite them.. To sum it up, Spirit Talkers are respected because if they aren't they won't flatter the local loa out of eating your soul. Most people find that important...

    The factions divine caster. Low power, but cheap and spamable, and makes the party they are in more resistant to enemy magic.

    Hunting Panthers : These hunting cats are often tamed by the richer of the island lords, using them as more land bound races use hunting hounds, and holding them as treasured pets. Like hunting hounds, these cats to find themselves a place in war, hunting not wild game but enemy soldiers..

    Light Cavalry type unit, unridden panthers with a vision ability for better scouting. Not that strong fighters, but fast and inexpensive.

    Cannibal Lord : The great and terrible, the oncoming maws of doom, the undenied masters and mistresses of the islands.. The Cannibal Lords are spellcasters and kings of a great and terrible power, able to devour their foes and prey to gain their strength as their own. In their hungers, they have devoured most of the great island beasts, taking on their forms and might for the lords own. In battle, they combine potent magics with the shapes of monsters to show the civilized world why the Cannibal Lords are feared.

    High level divine caster and melee monster with a druid cast. Combined potent arcane magics with wildshaping into giant monsters for melee combat. The Top tier unit for the faction.

    Parrot Knights : Parrots are a common sight in the tropical islands, and elsewhere to due to some sailors and pirates habits of adopting the colorful birds. Less commonly seen are their giant brethren, who's beaks break not nuts but bones, and who feast on the flesh of those too slow to run away. Only the greatest and strongest of Stalkers can steal an egg from a nest and live, much less the difficulties in raising such a bird as a proper mount.

    Still, for those who survive and succeed, the birds make for an extremely useful assistant, combining the stalkers taste for ambushes and poisons with the ability to fly and the muscle to back their masters up should they be trapped in an open battle.

    Upgraded Stalkers riding giant parrots. Exchanged the poisoned daggers for poisoned light lances, but keep the slings. Mobile light air cavalry. Expensivish, but useful and flexible flying support.

    Island Troll : Trolls live almost everywhere, and the islands are no different in that matter. What is different is that the local tribes will trap trolls in nets of woven iron, and then drive them into battle with red hot metal hooks to force them towards their foes. While expensive enough that only the richest tribes can afford them, few enemies can take the enraged charge of a fully grown bull troll smashing through their ranks.

    High tier melee monster and giant thug. Big strong hitty stick that makes up for the halflings small size. Comes at only one or two too a unit though, and while not that expensive to train has very high upkeep. Might be aquatic too, depending on how boats work.

    Captives : Prisoners taken in the unending wars between tribes, Captives are not trusted with weapons but are used to do all the dull dirty work the tribe's warriors do not wish to do. While uninspired and untrained workers, they are cheap.. Slaves don't get payed after all.

    Engineers are Engineers. Cheap and early in the tech tree but quite crappy.

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    I like the traditional representation of halflings, but as they are rather less threatening than most other races, they need a 'thing' to make them competitive. Similar to MoM, having food production bonus is good, as would a reduction to rebellion (them being of a rather conformist nature). Perhaps in terms of getting troops, they could, due to their kind nature, be very attractive for Good-aligned mercenary units, or perhaps have mercenaries called 'Guardians' that are free in initial hiring cost but appear infrequently. You could have your usual slingers/spearmen etc but need to wait until more formidable guardians to turn up like treants/unicorns etc.

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    Both interesting ideas.

    Happerry, reminds me of how deadly some of the "smaller" peoples have been historically.

    It's going to take a lot of thought. I really like the traditional halfling, but they need a boost in the "dangerous" department. I loved Kinder in Dragonlance. They scored way up on my awesome meter. Still, I think we're going to see other races in the game before them, so we have time to think about it

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    I am ALL IN for a more tribal and dangerous kind of hobbits. They still can be linked with nature. Come on! Nymphs can be love murderers. Why not sadistic farmers in communion with naturalism?

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    I coulda done the island savages with more naturalistyness, yah, but honestly? I didn't feel like going through the effort of actually researching islander mythologies and if I was going to do it, I'd have wanted to do it right.

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    Eeeehh...... I gatta say I really think halflings arn't my cup of tea.

    Yeah, they were brokenly fun in MoM, but honestly they are the way they are because they're tolkiens creation, and they're natives to tolkiens world. They just feel bolted on to any other fantasy setting, a sort of obligatory homage to tolkien. I think they're way too one dimensional, culturally, and if you change 'em, theyre not halflings anymore.

    I say leave em out.

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    In the long run they are almost certainly going to be in. They are too popular with too many people just to ignore them. What we want to do is work them into WoM in a way that fits the setting, but gives people that love halflings what they want. You won't have to play them (or even face them). We're all about options.

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