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Thread: The Little People (The Halfling Race)

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    Well not my favorite option for a race but there is certainly room for an economic power race. They could fill that role with high food production, good trade, etc. Interesting units would be a problem in my opinion. Who wants to play as farmers with pitchforks? Maybe you could make them into an espionage race and give them hard to detect units, good spies and units that could harass instead of just fighting head on.

    Even with that they would be low on my list for races to make the game.

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    i too see them as an economic race, however i would imagine that their troops would be more expensive than other races due to their reluctance to go to war. overall an aggressive hafling faction should balance out their economic power for their ability to field troops, making it a very efficient route. as for their units being inferior, this would only be true if the power of the sling was taken from D20. slings themselves (when wielded by a sufficiently skilled person, and using lead bullets instead of rocks) are topped only by things like composite bows (so upper tier bow/crossbow units), and slings can be mounted on staffs, which makes them have better range, they can also use heavier ammo for less range and more damage, and finally they can be mechanized (trebuchet/onager/hand trebuchet) for the best pre gunpowder siege weapons around.

    i think a unit list like:
    1-militia (think pitchfork wielding peasant)
    2-scout (tier 1 unit wit stealth and decent movement)
    3-slinger (ranged power equal to a tier 5, melee survival like a tier 1)
    4-sherif (pony mounted unit, melee equal to a tier 3, resistant to status effects)
    5-halfling warriors (melee equal to tier 3, resistant to status effects, stealth, decent movement)
    6-hand trebuchet (weak rapid fire siege weapon, may use scatter shot ammo as well, low melee survival)
    7-enchanted slinger (magical ranged attack equal to tier 6, melee as tier 4, can use weak siege, scattershot, and fire ammo as well)
    8-trebuchet (powerful ranged siege unit, can use scattershot and fire ammo as well, low melee survival)
    9-treant (large powerful unit, can destroy walls/buildings)

    *scattershot = an attack that damages all units in a stack equally, but does less damage per unit (ex. 50% damage to each unit in stack, instead of 100% damage to one, so a stack of 4 would take 200% damage overall, 50% x 4 = 200%)
    *fire = sets fire to things, causing damage over time (maybe to living things, maybe not)

    all units cost extra, even though they have the same number of units as normal in them, they roughly cost 1 tier higher (gold and food only, upkeep as well)

    strategically they would have higher food and tax income. gain the terrain resources of their city tile. not be able to build the more industrial buildings.
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    D20 lore makes halflings the best thieves, If I would rule a halfling empire I would deffinitly make a secret society of rogueish halflings, I'm not saying Ninjas per se but still, but poison using flanking bonus invisible halfling secret society warriors!

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    References to Tolkien for flavor should be done in only in moderation. The stated design goal is to be the spiritual successor to MoM, not a homage LoTR - beyond what is already so in the original MoM.

    It should be pointed out that the halfling culture of the Shire in LoTR is based on semi-recent in-lore history. The Shire has been sheltered and protected for hundreds of years by:
    an unspecified but intimated to be sizable number of rangers like Aragorn
    Thier own military might.

    It's no suprise that the Shire hobbits are fat and lazy and insular then. Read more closely though; There are stories of halflings at war in the LoTR lore. And remember the schism that split the hobbits? Remember Gollum (née Trahald AKA Sméagol? [See Appendix F of LoTR]) He was from a group of hobbits (though they didn't call themselves hobbits) Southeast of the Shire, in Gondor. His tribal group was not the same culturally as the Shire hobbits.
    Bottom line is that Gandalf knew that hobbits were tough and brave because he was ancient and had seen them in more warlike times.

    Halflings were always my go-to race in MoM because they were broken and so fun. Watching sky drakes obliterate armies only to be in turn obliterated by champion slingers never got old. Life wizard + halflings was ridiculously easy win. Lionheart just added insult to injury.

    Anyway, I envision not trying to make hobbits into gnomish inventors, nor mini-elves.

    Just think imagine you were a real-life human dwarf. In a civilization full of similar dwarves (where being born like that is not an tragic genetic abnomality.)

    You are surrounded by races that are universally bigger and stronger that you. Many of them can do terrifying things like fly or wield terrifying dark magics.

    Your military become a highly defensive for one. Think stand-off and hit-and-run tactics. Yes, slingers make much sense. Only make them not so broken. Also maybe make their spearmen have the same effective defensive perks as pikemen in MoM have though as weak or weaker than equivalent races. Make halfling units invisible on the world map when inside their city's radius because they can hide in the fields.

    Also, make them have a military tradition like Sparta. Many people know of those ancient Greek's fierce military reputation and tradition. But on the civilian side of things, they were every bit as cultural as other Greek city-states. They just had a fierce military tradition.

    Translate that to halflings. They're still the same farm-loving peoples you know, but add military tradition with forced military service. Every halfling was once a soldier. If you attack a halfling city, expect the farmers to drop those pitchforks and take up weapons - and know how to use them. Halfling cities would always get bonus defenders of a type and amount appropriate to the city in question. They'd immediately go back to farming afterward though. Maybe be weaker for whatever reason you care to name (rusty skills, old weaponry, etc.)

    The point I'm driving at here is make halflings the defensive civ. One that, being weak offensively, may not go out and conquer the world, but would be a tough nut to crack. One that a wizard who was looking to achieve victory by economic/magical means might choose.

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    Wow, I definitely respect your knowledge of Tolkien lore!
    My RPG Design and Theory Blog:

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    Actually I misplaced the Gladden Fields (where Gollum lived) It was north of Gondor proper, actually. But thanks.

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    Hi, must admit I played halflings all the time in MOM. No better race to create a farming belt in your empire, so you can feed all those hungry trolls you raised from captured dark cities. Agree the aggressiveness is a flaw, which would force you to have mixed empires, or rely on heroes and mercenaries. I kind of like that. also halfling slingers were my favourite unit. nothing better than a hoarde of rock tossing guys putting those knights in their place when defending their homes.

    From a lore perspective there is also willow type halflings, (forgive if this was mentioned in the thread somewhere already) Those guys were pretty vicious, and could have allies in forest creatures, faeries, perhaps trained war bears, dogs.. (Treant buddies would make a lot of sense too!... I expect calling them Ents would be a no-no for IP reasons?)

    +1 love for the halflings from me.

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    How about giving them terraforming abilities. That would be more interesting than just a passive food production bonus.

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    Halflings in the original MoM had the potential to make the best ranged troops in the game. Ultra-elite level or above, adamantine flinging halfling slingers would tear through absolutely ANYTHING.

    To not have them in this game at all would be a shame. At least find a way to get them into a DLC or expansion or something.

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    I dislike the idea of halflings in the game. My MoM-playing friends split along the lines of either "Must have halfling slingers!" or "I hate halfling slingers!" The luck factor was maddening to some and amusing to some. We all play games with a healthy suspension of disbelief, but something about those slingers was just too unbelievable. The only buddies or online players I knew who liked them were more or less powergamers that loved cultivating the slingers--never interested in the race to play, just acquiring some slingers. To me, that seems like the race wasn't adding value, just the mechanics. Could be just us. It's nothing I am going to worry much over, just voting a no thanks.

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