Alright, as you all know (well, the ones of you who keep up with the forums anyway), we plan to have a vote fairly soon on what race is going to get the coveted fifth slot. Now, it seems to me that the front runners are the Draconians and the Orcs. (In fact the orcs are so popular we actually already have a few orc models. SHHHH! Who said that!?!?!?) Rather than just set a date, have a vote, and leave it at that I thought it would be much better to come back to these two and flesh out the concepts.

I want us to start by discussing the cultural options of each one. Do we stick with the stereotypical orcish hoard or do we do something new? Are the draconians violent and barbaric, relying on their physical strength or are they more refined, being gifted with great intelligence and natural magical ability? There's a lot we could do with this.

You guys have a lot of good ideas. Throw em in here. I was about to get the ball rolling by chucking my opinion in first, but I changed my mind before I started typing. I want to see how you feel about it before I weigh in. I spearheaded the first four races. It's only fair that the community starts to spearhead them from here on out. So, you guys jump in and I'll follow you up