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Thread: The Front Runners

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    I like your idea a lot Tiavals. It may be too late to incorporate for the orcs, given that voting has already started on three separate orc cultures. Which is a shame, because I think this faction is "bad guy" enough and "raider, horde, gameplay-distinct" enough to be the first orc faction in (and it would look good alongside the "Indian Tribe" orcs, who are also super awesome). If it doesn't get in at all, I'd love to see some of the ideas incorporated into one of the other factions, like maybe an elf subfaction. Elves value knowledge, right? Well maybe there's an elf king who is paranoid, and thinks knowledge should only belong to chosen guardians. Long story short, you have a group of elves with similar traits to what you've just described. Awesome post.

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    Well, if there'll be culture faction DLCs down the road, who knows what'll be included.

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    i like it tiavals.In general there are lots of good ideas around for the different factions.
    But if we talk about the core game races,pre dlcs/subcultures/special underwater of whatever races,i want most races mom-like.
    This is because many people out there dont frequent these forums and back this game with high hopes for what is meant to be a spiritual successor of this great old game.They expect to see races that play like it was in mom.
    Now lets see what we got so far:

    High men

    As far as i understood these 4 races are 100% in,which is perfect.
    Undeads will be a special race and werentt existent in Mom as a race,therefore this will be the new thing...already included in the core game.
    Now,i would like to see the base High Men,Elves and Dwarven race very mom like.
    And the 5th race should be an "evil " one,since so far we 3 good/1 evil.
    That leaves the Orcs or Dark Elves as best solution imo,since Draconians are not that evil,more neutral i would think.
    Making Orcs Barbarian style sounds nice but in mom we had actual Barbarians as a race.
    Not sure i would like this decision made for the core game.

    Personally i would like the Orcs or Dark Elves to be mom style as well if added to the core game,so that we have 4 mom like races with rather standard playing style and the all over special undead.
    I would think anyways,that it will be pretty tough to balance undeads with the other races and make the AI capable to play Undeads as well.Probably enough to do for the devs to do that right before starting to add more races with lots of specials.

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    Mardagg, we certainly want to follow in the footsteps of MoM. That is goal 1. However, we do want to add our own unique flavor as well. We're planning to add different cultures for all the races via DLC. So, even if the first culture of the Orc race is something a little different from MoM that doesn't mean MoM orcs are out.

    Tiavals, interesting idea certainly. But it may have to wait for DLC. For the moment we have our Orc ideas kindof "turned it" as it were, lol. There may be a number of other races added, depending on how many stretch goals we hit. So, there may still be room to incorporate your ideas in another race

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    Players would rarely, if ever, use the goblin horde to move an entire city if it means losing the structures. Stealing a page from SMACX, when you want to quickly grow a city, one clever tactic would be to create settlers at a multitude of small citys and use them to grow the new city. (In SMACX, smaller cities grow faster, so this trick defeats the mechanic and alllows large cities to grow at a better rate.) Or use a "nursury" city that has growth and/or production bonuses to pop out settlers that grow other slower growing cities. OTOH, I suppose players might rarely move an entire city if there were rules against city spam.

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    In endless space the faction "The Pilgrims" have a special ability to move everything but one population (including every building) from one system to another. And despite having played them several times I have never use the ability. If it has some kind of real use I don't see it. So if you're going to use that kind make it obviously good.
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    Hi all.

    On the subject of the Orcs I was wondering if there will be any mechanic to simulate their notorious infighting and whether their much put upon Goblin allies will be represented?
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    The "move the city" mechanic will need play testing. Some players may love it while others may never use it.

    "Infighting" is going to be represented by unrest. The more "infighting" a culture has the higher it's unrest level

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