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Thread: The Great Orc Debate

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    The Great Orc Debate

    Alright guys, this post is to take a vote on what culture the first Orcs in Worlds of Magic should have. Keep in mind that other cultures may be added later, but we'll be adding new races before we add new cultures to existing races. There has been a bit of a debate about what culture the first orcs should have. In short they are:

    Honorable Horde – In my mind this is a lot like MoM and Warcraft. The Orcs have their own honorable culture. They have fairly normal units and cities and are much like the other civilized races.

    Barbarian Horde – This a much more tribal and barbaric take on Orcs. They will have unique play mechanics like the ability to relocate their cities, but will have the inherent weakness of having certain buildings limited by a city's population.

    Noble Tribes – The idea behind this is that, although the Orcs are tribal in nature they are not barbarians. The suggestion is to model their culture after the American Indians. The play mechanics discussed have, up to this point been fairly “normal”.

    Those are the big three as far as I see it. If you want to take a more in-depth look at the discussion before you make a decision you can read all about it here:


    Once you make your decision cast your vote. We're only going to leave this vote open until tomorrow. I need to get the information together for the race vote soon

    I'll try to give you guys more notice in future, but I don't think it's the kind of thing that's hard to decide about, lol.

    The poll question looks odd... we're working on it
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