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Hi guys,

I’ve read through this thread all the way. I have to say that the idea of making the orcs into great plains Native Americans or Aztecs is pretty offensive. I really can’t believe that didn’t cause more of a stir.

Hi Marcos,

I respectfully suggest that you have misinterpreted the suggestion of some people. I don't think for one milisecond people were suggesting that Native Americans or Aztecs would be represented as Orcs. What was being suggested was that Orcs should have a Nomadic type backstory and culture which was similar to that of that adopted by some Native Americans.

As it happens I go much more for the traditional Tolkein view but I am sure no offence was intended. If it makes you feel more comfortable I am happy for the Nomadic tribe culture to be based on Celtic tribes of Ancient Britain as that is where I am from. I won't be offended at all by this.

Best wishes

I would like to add that native american weren't the only nomadic tribes in the world. In any case I don't like the good/evil dichotomy so I don't think that Orcs have to be bad and elves have to be good.