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What, you don't think the Aztecs and Mayans were 'vicious and unforgiving'? Utterly disagreed on the raze thing, too. That's not interesting, that's just unfun, and means you can't expand by any way besides settlers, which would suck.
First, making every faction play the same way is boring. So suggesting that one have a different way of expanding and conquering is cool. How do you know razing cities wouldn't be fun? What if in the process of razing, a new orc city/outpost was established in the razed one's place? Also, if city spam is limited, like many people want, it seems like something that could be playtested. What has been suggested so far is that orcs are almost like the other races, except they are kinda like pre-colonial South American tribes.

Second, haven't the Native American tribes been exploited enough? Orcs are always portrayed in fantasy lit. as this undersireable "other." They are the low educated brutes of that genre. This is fine, for the most part IMO, because they are generally represented as having cultures analagous to the European barbarian tribes- often the Anglo-Saxons. But to change this race to having Western Hemisphere noble savage themes and pit them against multiple races with Western European themes just revives the atrocities of the past as something that was okay and reinforces old stereotypes. I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that. The wizards in MoM like Jafar or Oberic were fine, IMO, because they were presented as one among equals. They were just as powerful, educated, and feared as the others. Completely opposite of the stereotypes.

Personally speaking, I think it would be best to stick to the Tolkein-esque presentation of orcs, create a new unique culture for them, or choose some European culture to model them after (Anglo-saxons is generally a good one, maybe Vikings). Especially since we all agree that they are a savage and brutal race. Consiquently, if the poll in this thread was still open, I'd definately vote barbarian horde over noble tribe.