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Thread: please guys i need help

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    please guys i need help

    i have a mac version of time of wrath 1.61 and i have a saved game and when i open it it says "the program ww2.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close." "this can be caused by a problem in the program or a deficiency in Wine". please please i need some help to be able to open my saved games. thank you.

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    further information please respond

    ConsoleOut.txt (i dont know how to zip it but this is what it says)

    Loading global settings from "data\GlobalSettings.csv"... OK

    Loading GUI coordinates nad fonts from "data\GUI_1280x720.csv"... OK

    Error while loading MainMenuMusicLoop.wav!

    -----Could not open video file: data\intro.avi

    loading_intro_movie_from_")data\intro.avi"... FAILED

    -----Could not open video file: data\intro2.avi

    loading_intro_movie_from_")data\into2.avi"... FAILED

    loading_file_")data\gfx\logof.png" [1]... OK

    loading_file_")data\gfx\logog.png" [1]... OK

    Loading string base

    Loaded 10821 strings

    Loaded string base

    loading_file_")data\gfx\cur.png" [1]... OK

    loading_file_")data\gfx\console.png" [1]... OK

    loading_file_")data\gfx\Flags\unknown.png" [1]... OK

    loading_file_")data\gfx\GUI.png" [1]... OK

    loading_file_")data\gfx\wallpaper_main.png" [1]... OK

    loading_file_")data\gfx\wallpaper_preferences.png" [1]... OK

    loading_file_")data\gfx\wallpaper_scenario.png" [1]... OK

    ----- Main Menu -----

    ----- SinglePlayer Menu -----

    loading_file_")data\gfx\wallpaper_scenario.png" [1]... OK

    loading_file_")data\scenarios\1939 Grand Campaign\image.png" [1]... OK

    Loading scenario from data\save\Autosave

    ----- Scenario Settings Menu -----

    loading_file_")data\gfx\wallpaper_scenariosettings .png" [1]... OK

    Otwieram plik z pozosta|›ymi danymi ze |›cie|›k|›...


    Otwarcie OK

    Empty line...

    Otwieram plik ze sta|›ymi ze |›cie|›k|›...


    Blad otwarcia pliku! (nie istnieje?)

    Saving global settings to "data\GlobalSettings.csv"... OK

    place of purchase is gamersgate

    mac os x version 10.5.8

    processor 2 GHz intel core 2 duo

    memory 2 GB 667 MHz DDR3 SDRAM
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    someone give me some help please

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