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    Hello. For convenience maybe we should put spell suggestions in a single thread (suggestions in the single threads might get lost by newer posts). If we keep the format simple e.g 'Strategic' for campaign map, 'tactical' for battle-board etc then it'll all be gravy. Also we don't know what mana costs will be so we could operate under the guide of MoM's mana costs e.g-

    Summoning spells- 30 to 1000, Destruction- 2 to 75, (note- does not include scaling), Town Enchantments- 30 to 500, Global enchantments- 150 to 1500, Unit Enchantments- 15 to 250, Unit curses- 5 to 70, Town curses- 100 to 350.

    So without nary a do I'll start (Magic: The Gathering style comments optional!)-


    Name: Dawn of the Dead
    Circle: Necromancy (biomancy)
    Type: Strategic
    Cost: 1200
    Upkeep: 150
    Description: Once cast, Hordes of masterless undead arise from the graveyards and crypts of your rivals. D6 bands of undead appear within five tiles of their cities.

    Dead they are and dead they be,
    Rising now by your decree.
    Time's rot has seen their bodies crumble,
    To make the world of the living tumble.

    -Prologue to forbidden Tome of Undeath.

    Name: Resurgence
    Circle: Necromancy (Biomancy)
    Type: Tactical
    Cost: 30
    Upkeep: None (instant)
    Description: Target destroyed Zombie or Skeleton unit is brought back to life (or undeath!) with full figures but at 70 % health. May only be cast once on a unit.

    'Bring a Mace they said.. it'll keep those bastards down permanently, they said'

    -Captain Anrik of the Border Reivers, last words.
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