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Thread: Suggest-A-Spell

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    I'm thinking about a serie of spell that could boost your fortress/wizard tower. One spell on each circle that gives different bonus. Here are a few ideas of possible bonus :

    Air : Flying Fortress, allows to relocate your fortress once per turn, with all associated effects (if, like in MoM, spell casting in battle close to the fortress is easier). Could have restrictions in how far it can move, or building/city size prerequisite.

    Earth : Fortress of Abundance : bonus to production, food and/or gold income in the capital city (the one where the fortress is).

    Fire : Exalted Fortress : in all combats near your fortress, your unit receive a damage/to hit bonus.

    Water : Domed Fortress : your capital city is protected by a dome of water, depleting non-amphibious ennemy units of all movement points when they come close to the capital city (meaning they have to stay a full turn located just near the capital before they can attack).

    Life : Healing Fortress : all units around your fortress heal quickly (completely healed at the beginning of each overland map turn ? small regeneration in all combat round ?)

    Death : Fortress of Decay : all living (non-mechanical, non-undead) ennemy units near the fortress take damage every overland map turn, or when they first come near it.

    That's my first ideas for elemental circles, if people think the idea is good I'll try to propose effect circles too, if not, well, too bad

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    I like spells that don't just do damage or boost a unit, but have a tactical advantage.

    Mirror army:
    Generate copies of all your units. Which one is real is random. The fake will do no damage and disappear after taking damage.

    Repel: Cast only by a hero. Pushes a unit back 12 places.

    Raging fire: Creates a fire on one tile that spreads to all adjacent tiles each turn, or maybe faster. So people will have to move away from the fire or take damage. Nice way to split an enemy army.

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    I would be so pleased if most of the old MOM spells will be back in this great remake. I really liked the "Change Terrain" spell - and I really hope it will be included?? It doesn´t seems like it have been mentioned- can anybody confirm?


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    I like the fortress spells. However what I'd like to see as well are "terraforming" spells that either target the fortress city or any city and convert the surrounding terrain to the sphere they represent.

    So essentially having "Fortress of Life" would bring bits and pieces of plane of life around the target city/fortress city and turn the ground hallowed.

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