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Thread: Retorts: In or Out?

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    Retorts: In or Out?


    I tried finding this elsewhere, but couldn't. Retorts were a pretty important part of sorcerer creation in MoM. I almost never made a character who didn't have Alchemy. Will retorts like Alechemy, Warlord, Archmage, etc. be in WoM or is that too advanced of a mechanic to include in the base game?



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    They are in, although exactly what each does and what it's called is still being determined.
    In WoM though they are called Disciplines so if you look through the forums for that you should find various discussions about them.

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    This thread should get you started:
    Show Some Discipline!

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    Just so. Once we have the "Backers Only" forums in place we'll begin to discuss them more thoroughly.

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