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Thread: Gnomes: Adding Steampunk Themes to Worlds of Magic

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    Gnomes: Adding Steampunk Themes to Worlds of Magic


    Since we’re talking pie-in-the-sky ideas, I thought I’d share mine. I always felt that gnomes were under appreciated in fantasy. Either they’re too cute or too tricky. I like the idea of inventor gnomes who are bent on advancing technology and stripping the land of its resources. I think some of this motif was infringed upon by the dwarves in MoM- who I always picture more as craftsmen and traders who build more conventional war engines (catapults, battering rams, trebuchets). Since it looks like the steam-tech motif is being taken from the dwarves in WoM (which is a good thing!!!), I think there’s room for a steampunk race down the road in some DLC or expansion for the game unless people just fall in love with the idea.

    If WoM were to someday do a gnome faction, here is what I’d like to see:

    Race-unique Buildings:

    Steam Mill- industrializes food production, helping population growth.
    Clocktower- improves production by increasing worker efficiency.
    Workshop- allows production of clockwork units.
    Advanced Workshop- allows production of advanced clockwork units.
    Steel Wall- upgrades stone walls.
    Scrapyard- allows a sorcerer lord to recycle a clockwork unit to recover gold/boost production of a unit
    Alchemist Shop- use unknown at this point.

    Blunderbuss Brigade (was Swordsman)
    Bard (was Spearman)
    Engineer (can heal clockwork units)
    Illusionist (was Magician)
    Clockwork Soldier
    Clockwork Beast (cavalry unit)
    Gnomish Spitfire (was Steam Cannon)
    Gnomish Airship (was Clockwork Avian)
    Steamrod (steam powered battering ram for attacking walls)
    Clockwork Dragon

    Racial Bonuses:
    Fast population growth (with steam mill)
    Fast production (with clocktower)
    Clockwork units start out at a higher level than other races' equivilent units.
    Increased resistance to Poison and Disease attacks

    Racial Drawbacks:
    Lower defense in fleshy units like bards and illusionists (was fewer hit points)
    Clockwork units have high gold upkeep.
    Clockwork units do not gain XP.
    Buildings have high gold upkeep.

    I really believe that a tech-based gnome faction would add a great dimension to the game and give users a unique play experience. I could even see their cities getting a bonus for being built near a volcano since they could tap it for energy.

    What do you guys think? Does steampunk fantasy intrigue any of you?


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