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Thread: Gnomes: Adding Steampunk Themes to Worlds of Magic

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    I LOVE this idea. Designing "mad scientist" weapons and engines, units with long coats and goggles, brass clockwork towers, it just screams FUN TO PLAY.

    I'd want a unit who gets hit by a certain particular gnome weapon to say "she blinded me... with SCIENCE!"

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    I think its a great idea and i hope this gets implemented sometime. I love Steampunk but i have a hard time finding games that do it right. the gnomes from Everquest are what i think gnomes in WoM should be like.
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    I like the ideas here. Steampunk is a perfect fit for Gnomes IMO.

    And, yes, we're looking at being able to make unit consumable potions in the game. If we do that Gnomes should certainly get the ability.

    This is a good take on Gnomes, it's full of flavor. I don't know when they'll make it in. I'm not leaning toward having "primaries" where everyone votes on the candidates they want for the next faction vote. We just have to give it a think

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    I really like the idea of clockwork warriors.

    I especially see a ranged clockwork unit that fires a large number of low damagde "bolts" with a kind of steam powered gun.

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    Drew a fast concept pic of a steam/clockwork warrior

    I may add details and colour latter

    Here it is I added some colours a few details and some rough shading/highlight, but as I drew the picture with a finger painting program on my ipad I really couldn't add cogwheels or proper shading. So try and imagine that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belgariad87 View Post
    I think its a great idea and i hope this gets implemented sometime. I love Steampunk but i have a hard time finding games that do it right. the gnomes from Everquest are what i think gnomes in WoM should be like.
    Belgariad, EQ (the original game form '98-'99) is where I got the basis for some of ideas! I liked them a lot too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    I like the ideas here. Steampunk is a perfect fit for Gnomes IMO.

    This is a good take on Gnomes, it's full of flavor.
    Glad you like them I'm here to help.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frederik Hugger View Post
    Drew a fast concept pic of a steam/clockwork warrior

    I may add details and colour latter
    Not exactly, what I had in mind. This is more like it:


    So anyway, anyone have any thoughts on blunderbuss infantry? I like the idea the more I think about it. Any objections?



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    Actually, I don't care for those pictures I have above too much. Not enough gears and brass. Ignore them

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    Honestly, Guns came up in the dwarven thread.. and the reason they have a Rune Cannon instead of just a cannon is that we had mass agreement against gunpowder weapons.

    Anyway, been thinking on the gnomes, so here is my version of their army list, with bits stolen Troy_Costisick's army list when I liked them and stuff left behind when I didn't or had what I considered a better idea.

    Migrants : These homeless gnomes wander the landscape in search of new places to call their own.


    Tinker Gnome : Gnomes are infamous tinkers, using a variety of strange devices and gadgets to do the work other races would simply use a work crew on. Still, the roads do get built eventually..

    Engineers! Can repair Clockwork Units.

    Hillguard : These brave gnomish militia protect their homes against all who would loot and raid them. While they lack the great strength of men or the accurate arrows of the elves, they make up for in cunning and determination.

    Gnome warriors with Gnome Hooked Hammers to trip enemies. About as deadly as normal militia are after that, not counting their uncommon weapon.

    Clockwork Harvester : These contraptions where originally designed to harvest crops, but on their first live test, they hewed right through the fields and then started on the watching population behind them. While their bloodlust has never truly been explained (Their inventor was one of their first victims), their desire to rend flesh is seen as an advantage instead of a downside in wartime.

    Animated Constructs duel welding scythes, these function as the swordsman level melee unit in the list. Being Constructs, they start out more powerful then normal units but neither heal without assistance or gain exp.

    Crankgunner : Crankgunners are the primary ranged support for gnomes when they go to war, and function by using Large Sized Repeating Crossbows. How do small creatures use large weapons you ask? They treat them as crew served weapons, that's how, with two gnomes to a crossbow.

    Gnome warriors with daggers, who use large sized repeating crossbows as crew served weapons, in the spirit of machine guns without bringing in that arguementy gunpowder thing. The Primary ranged unit of the side. Slow moving.

    Clockwork Tiger: Clockwork animals have a long history as curiosities and amusements at the courts of great emperors. Gnomes, the ones who normally design the beasts, know that they can do a great many more things then be poked at. They can also bite annoying enemies heads off!

    Gnomish medium cavalry unit, a construct like the Harvester. Slower then a real horse, but comes with fangs and claws and a pounce attack.. at least, if based sufficiently off of a real tiger they do. Not the best cavalry unit in the world, but no one expects that from gnomes anyway.

    Trickster : These sneaky tricksy gnomes combine stealth stealth with skill at magic to strip away enemy enchantments at the same moment they plant a dagger in someone's back. While fragile in the main press of combat, do not underestimate what they have in their pockets..

    Gnomes with Rogue classes that dip into the Sorcerer class so they can start taking Arcane Trickster class levels. Not as directly powerful as high tier fighter or barbarian units, but flexible and stealthy with the Arcane Trickster's support abilities.

    Illusionist : Gnomes have a long history of magic, and most of that history involves tricky illusions and slight of hand. While few gnomes master fireballs, many gnomes master making people think they've been covered in scorpions. To underestimate an Illusionist for their lack of direct power is the last mistake many fools make.

    Gnomish Sorcerers or Wizards who specialize in illusion magic. Gain a free copy of the Mirror Image spell, if that's in a game, even if their patron wizard doesn't know the spell. Normal medium tier arcane unit, other than that. Not to expensive, not to powerful, and not that common but not that rare.

    Gnomish Spitfire : These marvels of Gnomish Engineering use the Power of Chemistry to Soak Enemies in Blazing Hot Acidic Fire! Such is the power of the gnomish mind that the fires can not be put out by mere water, and if focused on a city wall long enough can even melt stone to slag!

    So, Gnomish Siege Flamethrower. If that doesn't make people happy, I don't know what will.

    Gnomish Balloon : Gnomes have a long history of many strange inventions, and claims of inventing a non magical way for people to travel was just one more of them. While according to most people only madmen would ride in such an easily destroyable vehicle lifted by a balloon so easily set on fire, Gnomes have never lacked for courage.. Just common sense. And from the skies above, gnomish alchmists can rain bombs down on enemies with impunity! Or so the theory goes.

    Gnome Alchemists (the pathfinder class) in a hot air balloon, where they can drop bombs on enemies from the sky. Also a nice scout unit by combining flying and a wide vision range.

    Gear Priest : Gnomes like machines a lot. It really should be no suprise some of them have started worshiping those machines. (I mean, considering the existence of ones on the power level of Clockwork dragons and such) While Gear Priests follow no true god, the power of their faith is enough to grant them divine magic, and in combat their razor bladed gear staves are not fun to be hit by either.

    Gnomish Divine casters that replace the normal Priest healing spell with a clockwork unit fixing repair spell. In melee they hit you with a buzzsaw on a stick, so they're better then the average priest in dealing damage, though not taking it. Power level, like the Illusionist, about in the middle.

    Clockwork Dragon : Clockwork dragons are clockwork animals written large and legendary in steel and the rumbling of gears. While they lack the flight and the breath weapon of the real dragons, a hide of iron and claws of steel more then make up for the lack in their designers opinion, and they don't suffer from that annoying 'pride' thing that real dragons have. They can also, much to everyone else's regret, clime right over walls to get to the tasty people on the other side..

    The Gnomish Top Tier Unit. Like the rest of the clockwork units, no experience, no healing, but more powerful then a newly produced unit in their tier are normally, and immune to poisons and illusions on grounds of lacking a brain and a biology. (And if people really want them to have a breath weapon, you could always install a miniature Spitfire into their mouths..)

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    Those are some interesting ideas, Happerry. The only thing I might say is that "migrant" could have some negative connotations in the American southwest. Not suggesting it's offensive exactly, but that is something that should be considered IMO.

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    It's a Settler unit. I'll spend extra time thinking up a snazzy name for them that isn't repeated by any other race or any of my other army lists once I decide to give them a special ability.

    Also, if people are going to be that touchy, they're never going to be happy anyway.

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