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Thread: Gnomes: Adding Steampunk Themes to Worlds of Magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happerry View Post
    Actually, the trend has been for gearpunk, not steampunk.
    Always the last word.... but yes, you 100% correct: gearpunk.

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    I'm really pulling for gnomes to make it in as one of the main races in the initial release. Lots of good ideas here.

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    Honestly I'm not a big fan of advanced technology in fantasy games (guns, steam, hot air balloons). As that is the only interesting choice for gnomes I guess would prefer they not be in the game at all.

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    I find your lack of imagination disappointing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happerry View Post
    I find your lack of imagination disappointing.
    I didn't see this until just now (sorry for the thread necro). But Happery is right. All kinds of mainstream fantasy IP's include technology, especially clockwork technology in standard fantasy worlds. Check this out:


    Magic: The Gathering:


    Dungeons and Dragons:


    World of Warcraft:


    I'm not saying we need a ton of it in Worlds of Magic. But some of it is just fine, and a faction that uses it as its centerpiece mechanic would also be fine (if it ever makes it in).


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    Hello everyone, as this is my first post, forgive any obvious thread-history facts and debates I have not been a part of or seen yet.
    I would like to chime in on this topic, as it touches both something I very much like, and something I very much do not.

    What I like quite a bit is steampunk/gearpunk. I think this would be a great part of this game, although I have reservations on how it might be implemented.
    Part of what I find fascinating about clockwork machinery is the precision and endurance of the engineering. The mechanisms are both brilliant and simple. Also, shiny brass!

    Ok, so to the bit I do not like, which is the trope that small races (gnomes, goblins) which are usually given silly or comedic behaviors are typically given engineering as a racial balancing factor. I can't comfortably merge precise design and engineering feats with creatures that are usually based in whimsy, silliness and/or deficiency (absent-minded, disorderly, junkheap products) in my mind. WOW's treatment of Gnomes and Goblins are examples of this.

    I'm not arguing specifically against gnomes in the game, but I would desperately love to break away from the trope of clockwork/gears/steampunk/etc. always being paired with with gnome/goblin/silly/twerp/comedic/junk-cobblers.

    I'm not trying to troll those that like gnomes. My suggestion is to decouple gnomes and the like from gears/clockwork. There are some very good ideas in this thread for both, but I wince at the thought of them together as usual. It may just be me, but it would be like having the best steak ever, with ketchup. I can only speak for myself, but gears with gnomes would likely mean I never play the faction, while gears without whimsy I would likely play first and often.

    So I believe that it's not fair of me to make a sort of criticism without offering something of an alternative, so here is my thought:

    Sentient automatons, golems, and/or machines are the architects of steam/gear tech. Ok, it is not revolutionary or new. I like the idea of a race given sentience from some outside source (I admit I don't yet have a world-familiarity enough to find a perfect source) that persevere and strive for some higher goal or existence, perhaps a flawed or unattainable philosophy, such as perfection, or a more vague "unity of purpose" where each cog has it's role and better design leads to better product...

    So on the one hand, they might be "good" guys, like Eberron warforged often are, or perhaps they embrace the life they have been granted.

    Alternatively, they might be misguided or "dark" and pursue the eradication of the imperfect, or treat metal and parts the way a necromancer treats his own kind.

    Or, they may be emotionlessly neutral, somewhat like the Klackons. They do what they do best, build and improve.

    In any case, their need to conquer area can stem from malevolence or good or the simple need for more metal/ore/oil.

    I wouldn't go the central computer route with them , as sentience is the point and we have a hive already. I was thinking that they would not be especially proficient in managing loads of cities, but do best in the fewer cities they do have. Heavy on improvement as they tinker and test, and less so on rapid colonization.

    So I would split the races perhaps this way:

    Machinatons (just cramming machines and automatons together here as a placeholder)
    Clockwork devices, gears, steam, possibly boilers or molten attack or defense, etc.
    Advantages may include repair ability, low unrest (none if mecha capital, lots if creator race is capital), no food needed, fearless, might be able to readily assimilate undead cities!
    Disadvantages may include dependance on metal/ore/oil, might take longer to assimilate living races, no understanding of several areas of magic (Life, Death, etc.)?

    Gnomes, with no "tech" in this idea, would have magic be more prevalent. The Illusionist D&D theme works, and the mix of intellect with fun/whimsy. Perhaps they are adept summoners (instead of relying on machines to protect/advance them, they can call upon spirits/demons/beasts to assist them. Perhaps they are consumed by their concern for their survival, so they are shrewd, cautious and prone to distrust those newly-met. Again though, I only have vague thoughts regarding gnomes as I am not interested to play them. I'm happy that others are, and only have a "thing" about the race/tech flavor that is the unfortunate default in my opinion.


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