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Thread: What advantages will yourspellschools provide?

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    What advantages will yourspellschools provide?

    Since you're not going with the Master of Magic spellschools of Chaos, Nature, Sorcery, Life and Death you must either really believe in your spellschools or you want some new things. So, convince me why this new system of yours is better

    I was quite surprised to see that you're going for more schools rather than fewer as i envisioned the Master of Magic spellschools to be the original and best. I was disappointed in the Age of Wonders series for going with Fire, Earth, Water and Air.
    I've always seen Sorcery as the most fun school there is. Just imagine a multiplayergame where you constantly dispel your enemies summons and enhancements while they can't (easily) do the same to your Phantom Beasts and Skydrakes.

    I know about the crosschoolspells.

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    Well. I certainly took my time getting to this post, but to be fair I've been busy. There are two major advantages to our spell system. There are more than just two, but as I see it, these are the big two.

    1.) By sorting spells both by element and affect we give players more flexibility with regard to what spells they can research. Players can focus on Fire as a theme or focus on Summoning. This allows a very wide range of play styles from a magic point of view.

    2.) By allowing circles to "stack" we make both depth in a single circle and width among many circles viable play options. A player can get more higher tier spells by focusing on depth, but by focusing on width can get a wider range of spells to use as a scalpel against enemies, while at the same time, getting enough heavy hitters to really do some damage.

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